Lead in Tough Times.

for Sales Manager & Leaders

How To Lead in Tough Times for Sales Manager is a 2 days highly practical sales management training specially designed for sales leaders on HOW TO LEAD IN TOUGH TIMES so your sales team can achieve their targets!

FACT: Malaysia is facing a terrible economy that caused lower consumer spending and lower commercial purchasing.

Your sales team have never faced such a tough market in the history of Malaysia. How are they going to survive this? More importantly, how are you as the sales manager going to survive this 2016?[

Common challenges for Sales Managers & Leaders

  • Has weak sales coaching skills, where the favorite question is always “Any problems?” instead of
    identifying it himself and coaching the sales team.
  • Feels complacent themselves which causes the team to be complacent also.
  • Is stuck with poor quality sales people or having a totally new sales force because of staffs resignations.
  • Has own sales target to meet and therefore neglecting and not leading the sales team.
  • Stuck in a sales environment that has long sales cycle and poor closing ratios. As a result, his sales team is not achieving their targets.
  • Was not given proper training as a sales leader but was expected to perform like one.
  • Struggling to lead in Tough Times
  • A great sales person who is newly promoted as a sales manager who still has a mindset of a sales person where he rather goes out and sell it himself.
  • Don’t know how to drive the sales team effectively, instead they are being pushed till they burn out.
  • Constantly barking orders instead of leading the sales teams to performance.

]“How To Sell In Tough Times is highly recommended to all sales staff as all the information are important knowledge which allows me to put my ultimate objective which is to put it into ACTIONS!”

  • Ili zawani Ismail , Managing Director , Naturalife Solution Sdn Bhd

“This training is unconventional and a MUST ATTEND training course, I will apply subjects covered in my daily selling progress!”

  • Tan Chor Jian , Sales Manager, Timuran Machinery Parts Sdn Bhd

“Unconventional & fantastic! This training taught me the importance of continuous prospecting & cold calling regardless of the situation!”

  • Joanne Woo, Asst Sales Manager, Pemara Label (M) Sdn Bhd

“I learnt that POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE & the importance of cold calling to SELL MORE, KICK-ASS training”

  • Leonard Kok, Business Consultant, SIMIT

“Eye opener, Best Choice for a one day sales Training”

  • Robert Chua, General Manager, Petrotek Sdn Bhd

“I will definitely apply all the areas covered in this training as it is guaranteed to make me strong and tough during tough times, MASTER THE MASTERS MASTERY”

  • Kamal Faridz, Business Manager, iGen Technology (M) Sdn Bhd

“This training is TRANSFORMATIONAL, I will correct my daily attitudes to make some changes on my presentation & sales tools that were taught by Grandmaster Hanzo!”

  • Tan Keing Siong, Sr. Sales Engineer, Petrotek Sdn Bhd

You will be taught valuable skills and insights on how to be the best sales manager in your company. There will be activities and templates that are worth more than RM15, 000.00 to be shown during this training that will benefit you greatly. Identifying key communications areas between you and your sales team, with secrets on how to make your sales team happy with healthy competitions and reviews. Keep track with what your team is doing and how to OVER-achieve YOUR SALES TARGETS especially through Tough Times

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