What if you could build a system that ENSURES an increase in your retail sales every single month?

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“Our results have been deterioriating over the past few years and we needed an external factor to wake the team up.

There were a few training vendors that we had reviewed earlier and in the end, we ended up with Sales Ninja because they really impresses us with their knowledge on the retail industry.

 We were sceptical at first when we invited them in but they really changed our mind during the intense presentation session. We never gave them an easy time but they responded superbly!

The staffs responded well towards their practical training approach and we are glad to be seeing improvements in the team. We believe that one of the key to our successes post-training is due to the fact that we involved the entire retail team (retail staffs, supervisors, outlet managers and the area managers).

Our retail sales has increased by 20% alone in January, far exceeding my expectation and we are looking forward to partnering with Sales Ninja for more upcoming trainings.”



With real case studies & results!

Case Study 


1) They are not aggressive in approaching customers.

– Most retail salesperson spend their time doing their own work instead of approaching customers who have walked in to the outlet. This results in a low conversion rate as customers are not well taken care by the retail salesperson.


2) Retail team not actively promoting the products.

– The moment the customers stand in front of the cashier is the moment most retail salesperson failed to capitalize on. What they should do instead is to up-sell and cross-sell items that’s related to the items that the customers are purchasing. Every sales counts!


3) They do not handle objections well.

– “This is too expensive, I prefer the other brand which is cheaper, says the customer.”

Most retail salesperson do not know how to handle objections by customers other than saying something generic such as, “Our product is expensive because the quality is GOOD!” 



  1. Participants are given the practical experience of using our step-by-step NINJA SYSTEM to approach the customers in the right way, making them happy with a GREAT impression, promoting, up-selling and cross-selling resulting in MASSIVE purchases made at the end of the interaction!


“Our outlets total SALES increased by 20% in Q1 2018!



We only use the latest case studies available! We are more than happy to share more with you if required! 😉

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our retail team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Hanzo and team!”

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