HOW one developer went
and sold out 80% of their new project within 2 weeks!

UNABLE to get people’s attention during roadshows? ☑

LOW turn up rate to sales gallery due to ineffective invitation? ☑

DON’T care attitude by the salesperson after selling to the homebuyers? ☑

POOR presentations skills, Never sell USP of projects fast? ☑

WRONG approach to different group of buyers i.e investors and purchasers? ☑

The list goes on and on! If you’re facing the issues above, CONTINUE reading below…  


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“We’ve decided to go for a change in training approach last year and after rounds and rounds of discussion with the board, we agreed that Sales Ninja’s approach fits our philosophy the best and what a choice it’s turned out to be!

80% of the project that we’ve just launched recently were fully sold just TWO WEEKS in! Good job”

See the CHANGE in your property sales team TODAY!

Goodbye Complacency

It's time to put an end to your sales team WASTING their time sitting in the sales gallery not making calls to their customers.

INCREASE their productivity by making effective calls to customers and prospects to get them to visit the sales gallery, close the sales and get the bookings in with Sales Ninja's secret techniques!

WORLD CLASS presentation skills!

The best property salespersons that we have interviewed shared with us the secret of their success!

Sell a STORY.
Sell a DREAM!

Stop pointing out the obvious when you are bringing the customer on a tour in the show unit.

In the training, we'll share with you the SECRET to mesmerize the customers during a tour in the show unit.

Increase your Conversion ratio!

Every customer is a potential customer that's ready to be closed! All you need to do is ASK for the sale!

Roadshow selling is one of the toughest and tedious work. How do you compete when there's so many other developers setting up their booth just right next to yours? What do you need to do to get the deal?

Learn and apply the SECRET techniques that our participants have used to get the sale on the SPOT!

Understand the REAL needs of customer

Customer: I would like to ask regarding the 1400 sq sf unit that's been advertised with a completion date of mid of next year. Getting married next year and will want to move in next year end!

Salesperson: No, you should pick this unit instead! It's our BEST selling project so far and it has the best ROI in terms of rental yield and capital appreciation.


Salespeople are conditioned to sell. To them, the more they talk, the chance to close the sale gets higher. Which is not true at all!

Learn to listen and probe the Sales Ninja's way and see your customer getting in awe by your answers that you have carefully crafted just by listening to them.

Competitor Knowledge

"The other brand's known to be unreliable. Their customers always complain about them!"


DISGRACING the competitions don't win you the sale.


Worse still, you're putting yourself at a higher risk of losing the sale due to your unprofessionalism.

Gain a clear cut "Differentiator" that will be passed down to you in our training to ensure that you always win the deal without putting your competitors down!

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our property sales team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Hanzo, Terrence and team!

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