TRYING to capture a bigger share of the pharmaceutical & medical market?

What if you could build a system that ENSURES an increase in your pharma and medical sales every single month?

 But first!….

  •  Are your pharma and medical sales rep competent enough?
  •  Are they having difficulties getting past the nurses when prospecting?
  •  Is there an effective doctor call opener that’ll guarantee to catch the attention of the doctors who are EXTREMELY busy?
  •  Are your pharma and medical sales rep team facing difficulties motivating themselves when a huge sales target is given to them?
  •  Do they have the right questioning skills that ensures they get the right information from nurses and doctors 99.9% of the time?
best pharmaceutical sales traininig

"The problem is with them.

And changes MUST be made!"

Mindset Reboot

High sales target? Demotivated pharma and medical sales team?

What do you do?
Decrease the goal?


What you should do instead is to ensure that your pharma and medical sales team are properly conditioned to face the toughest challenge out there! No nurses, doctors, rejections are ever too tough for them! Pharma and medical sales reps will be given multiple practical REAL-LIFE scenarios crafted by Sales Ninja to turn them into the ULTIMATE pharma sales team!

WORLD CLASS detailing skills!

The best pharma and medical sales reps that we have interviewed shared with us the secret of their success!

You need to have a doctor sales call plan. Each doctor is different and the call plan must be crafted carefully to be able to connect with them on a personal and professional level.

In the training, we'll share with you the SECRET to mesmerize the doctors during your detailing sessions.

Increase your Conversion ratio!

Look, there's only so many hospitals, clinics and specialist centers in the country and if your conversion rate is low and you're not actively doing something different, you'll never be able to capture a bigger market share for your company!

Learn and apply the SECRET techniques that our pharma and medical sales reps have used to get the sale on the SPOT! Verbal agreement first and a solid doctor signature later on to clinch the deal!

Doctors to prescribe and recommend your product right away!

Understand the REAL needs of customer

Every hospitals, clinics and specialist centers have different needs. Just because they are built for the sole purpose of saving lives do not mean that each of them are provided equal resources and with different patient's profiles, it makes sense to really understand the needs of the particular facility thoroughly!

Pharma and medical sales rep are conditioned to sell. To them, the more they talk, the chance to close the sale gets higher. Which is not true at all!

Learn to listen and probe the Sales Ninja's way and see your customer getting in awe by your answers that you have carefully crafted just by listening to them.

Competitor Knowledge

"The other brand is known to be unreliable. Their customers always complain about them! Their syringes used to face issues with the medical board"


DISGRACING the competitions don't win you the sale.


Worse still, you're putting yourself at a higher risk of losing the sale due to your unprofessionalism.

Gain a clear cut "Differentiator" that will be passed down to you in our training to ensure that you always win the deal without putting your competitors down!

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our pharma sales team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Sales Ninja team!

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