How To Sell in Tough Times 2019

Are you ready to CHANGE ?!

Are you ….

– Feeling demotivated?

– Facing clients’ rejection?

– Losing existing clients?

– Not achieving sales targets?

We will  SHOW you how you can get all of these solved!

In this 2-Day training by Sales Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo Ng, he will share with you how you can be a TOP sales professional that achieve TREMENDOUS SUCCESS.

What you will take away from this UNCONVENTIONAL training:

– Experience UNCONVENTIONAL selling techniques to sell through tough times

DESTROY your competitors without throwing price

– Build better RAPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS to protect your customers

– Get the SALES NINJA WARRIOR MINDSET and never give up during tough times

– Develope CLOSING STRATEGIES to achieve 2019 sales targets

– Become a BETTER SALES PERSON than the you of yesterday


Who should attend?

– If you want to TRANSFORM yourself into SALES WARRIOR
– If you are business owner who wants to 
EQUIPPED yourself with unconventional sales techniques
– If you are sales professional who wants to 
IMPROVE yourself

Register NOW!

RM 2,999

ONLY RM 1,999 now.

How to Sell in Tough Times

Date : 12 – 13 FEBRUARY 2020

Time: 9am – 5pm

Venue: Sales Ninja Training Centre

How to Sell Post Pandemic

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