Selling Value instead of price.

Selling Value instead of price.

Let’s face it! Times in Malaysia is tough and the most annoying thing is customers dictating how much your item should cost!

Mediocre salespeople would be okay with it, as long as they closed that sale and hit their KPIs, but Sales Ninjas, we sell value/benefits instead of price, because we know that with the said price, you will get more than your money worth!

Seriously, how do i sell value/benefits instead of dropping my price?

Take this four tips the next time you sell your products.

1, Understand your prospects pain

The thing with mediocre sales people is, their inability to ask questions to the prospects, in sales, when you ask questions you’re leading the pack! Of course, you do not just ask any question, you need to ask the RIGHT questions. To understand what your prospects need. You need to ask them painful questions, questions that will give them a light bulb on top of their head like “oh I really do have this problem, so how am I going to solve this?”

After understanding the prospects pain, probe further and then answer them with the benefits of your products.

2. Weigh in your product strength

It is crucial to be able to understand your products specification accurately! Product knowledge is important! What is a salesman without knowing their own product? Trick question! No such salesman! The importance in knowing your product is so that you can answer any questions that the prospects throws at you! The ability to adapt on the change and bring it back to the product is key!

Would you rather have someone selling your item and incorrectly tell the prospects a lie? Think about it!

3. Use success stories/testimonials

This is a favorite tool for sales staff to use! Garnering testimonials and success stories for their products shows two things:

1. The product/ service has results that benefit past customers or either;

2. It assures potential prospects that the product/ service is indeed beneficial for them.

Seriously, would you buy an item from someone who doesn’t produce the results?

4. Negotiate effectively

Negotiation is a conclusive agreement that both party benefit from. Understanding the terms means you understand how the basis of negotiation works! That means price doesn’t always have to come to play when it comes to negotiation. So to be able to negotiate properly, you need to learn the A1234. They are Acknowledge, Ask, Answer and Ask!

There are a number of ways to negotiate and A1234, is just one of it! Sellers need to take note of different style of negotiation from objection handling, negotiation philosophy, buyer tricks, and most importantly closing skills to close that sales!

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