How to hunt and acquire new distributors or customers overseas without waiting for enquiries ever again...

Are You Facing Similar Problems Like Below?

◼️ Are your inquiries slowing down?

◼️ Did customers stop buying from you because they switched to a lower-priced competitors?

◼️ Purchase orders being reduced?

◼️ Do you have customers visiting your plant?

◼️ Experienced miscommunication between the sales and production team?

◼️ Have urgent orders but do not get support from the planning and production department?

◼️ Are you a supplier or preferred supplier?

◼️ Plant still have the capacity to fill and management has increased the target and you find it harder to achieve the targets?


What Will We Provide?

Mindset Mastery

Doing export sales is tough. You are in front of the computer most of the time and constantly typing in emails to customers and internal departments.

 It can be stressful when orders are wrong and customers complain and start raising their voice.

 Companies keep increasing sales target as they keep increasing the lines and capacity keep increasing. How do you keep hitting these targets? It is tough.

Our Mindset Mastery program will motivate you to have a tough mind so you can face any challenges without getting emotional about it.

Prospecting into new countries and markets

Which country do you target? What strengths do your company have to penetrate this market?

 How do you look for the right company to target? Who do you target in this company besides the procurement department?

 Use the Sales Ninja 12-step hunting process to get into any oversea clients that you desire.

 3 ways to get prospects to reply to your introduction emails.

 Scripts to handle “thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you if we have any requirements!” or “we already have a supplier”.​

How to differentiate with other suppliers

Besides prise, how do you communicate your value compared to supplier they already have.

Local suppliers vs global suppliers differentiation. How do you get enquiries if they are using local suppliers?What happens if they are linked to a global supply chain?​


How do you persuade other departments to support your order whether it’s a urgent order and sometimes a special order.

5 things to run thru to ensure there is no miscommunication from sales team to planning, procurement or production.


 How do you win the trust through our sales desk if the customer visits your plant?

 How do you transfer this skill online by going through the sales presentation?

 How do you position your product in tradeshows to get more inquiries?

Commercial negotiation

What do you do after you pass the technical evaluation and you are not in the commercial stage?

How do procurement departments buy? Understand their strategies and need.

How to handle “your price is higher than others”.

Do you discount to win the contract or are there other ways to strategize this situation?

Account management

How to retain your customers to ensure your competitors don’t take over your account.

How to grow and cross-sell other products to your current customers?

 How to move from normal supplier to preferred suppler to business partner?

Some Of Our Manufacturing Clientele

Thank You Sales Ninja!

“We were actually struggling a couple of months back, and looking at it from where we are right now, this would be impossible without the help of Mr. Hanzo Ng from Sales Ninja”.

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