B2C Sales

Want to boost your sales and achieve more in every consumer market out there?

What if you could build a system that ENSURES an increase in your pharma and medical sales every single month?


But first!….

  • Are your sales people not achieving the minimum targets?
  • Are they lazy, non-aggressive, order-taking, complacent and fearful of new customers?
  • During cold-calling, do they have the right opener or pitch?
  • Can your team remain motivated even after being rejected a hundred times over?
  • Do they know have the right skills to build rapport with customers?

“Be a MASTER at sales at anytime and anywhere!”

Be a Warrior,
Not a worrier

Before mastering the skills to sell, you must master your mind and breakthrough the fear of approaching new customers. Learn to manage your fear, fix your mindset for each and every cold-call and why you must never blame a tough market to get any sales. If sales were easy to get, ANYONE would do it!

Networking and Socialize

In sales, 1st impressions are important. Everything you do from greetings to self-introductions, how you present yourself and the right questions to ask whilst networking.

Learn the right way to probe for pain points, how to get the customer reveal their vulnerability and soft spots, maintaining rapport over periods of time and how to be persuasive to get them to buy your product!

Negotiation and Compromise

Learn about the Sales Warrior philosophy: always plan before a negotiation. Learn the careful trick of identifying what customers want, dealing with pressures from the customers to make it the deal go in their favor, and identifying the buying signals.

Information is the key to power and the only way to get it is to make the customer spill their information with little effort!

Master the Art of Selling

Going back to the basics of what is selling and how does selling connects to your personal life. Learn how to sell with explosive methods over the phone and what opener works best for every client.

Dealing with customers face to face? Be trained on how to present so that you will project confidence and not to panic!

Keep Calm and Just Present!

Every time you see someone present their products and services, you feel that the presenter is confident, knowledgeable and trustworthy. So why can’t you be the same?Explore the most efficient ways to present yourself as much as your product: the power of your presentation structure, body language, movement, eye-contact, storytelling and how to address any questions and objections.

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our pharma sales team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Sales Ninja team!

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