Project Sales

Most Project Sales People win sales through ‘entertainment’, but how do you win sales besides entertainment? How do you win projects even though your price is higher than your competitors, payment terms is longer than your competitors while product quality is the same or worse than your competitors?

Besides, we have heard many sales directors having issue with their sales team where their sales team frequently say “no enquiries”, but the sales team never go find projects…

Are you facing these issues as well?

  • Are your Sales Reps aggressive enough to hit targets?
  • Never find and hunt for new projects from new clients but relying heavily on existing customers and enquiries.
  • No proper system to grow existing accounts?
  • Only know how to use entertainment to close sales, but never sell value, defend price and differentiate.

“A slow economy is never to blame, only lazy and negative belief excuses are the faults!”

Mindset & Motivation

- The main issues faced would be not achieving targets and not being aggressive enough to chase the sales. And then they would influence others with the old “can’t achieve” or “targets are too high” mindset that would bring the whole department down! In Sales Ninja, we would transform this entire farce around to ensure that they become the ultimate sales force!

Edge Over Competitors

- What better way to sell any project than to have an advantage over your competitors? Sales Ninja trains Sales Reps to master the knowledge of the market. Master the analytical skill or RELEARN what you have forgotten in your basic training.

Knowing Your Clients

-- Sales Ninja always emphasize on rapport and relationship building. Without these, no sales reps anywhere would succeed especially if you don’t even know your own clients. And treating your clients to entertainment to “help” close the sale is a weak and lazy tactic!

- Knowing your clients doesn’t only mean knowing their business but also knowing and understanding the key players to help close the sales. Who is your champion in that company? What are their weaknesses to leverage for? What are their strengths you can use in your advantage but for their benefit?

Increase Your Conversion Ratio

- There are only so many companies out there that can take in a new project (not including those already in agreement with you). If your conversion rate is low and not actively doing something different about it, then you will never achieve your sales.

Previously, this company had achieved their annual target but they wanted to grow, they wanted to maximize their accounts and hit an all new annual target of RM100 million.

  • Out of their current pool of clients, they were able to identify 365 NEW opportunities during the live training!
  • Of those 365 opportunities, 70 new potentials were created! These 70 potentials are worth in RM7.5 million in projected revenue.
  • In 2017, their revenue achieved was RM70 million. As of October 2018, their achieved revenue is now at RM70 million.

Thanks to Sales Ninja’s help, they are able to project a revenue of RM100 million before year’s end.

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