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Did you know that most sales people are not able to closes sales effectively because

They do not probe to get the right information from customers properly
They do not know how to handle customer’s objections correctly
They offend customers by answering wrongly and customers get upset


The main problem sales people do not know how to tackle these issues is because, most sales people are being ‘thrown’ into the market and to fend themselves from aggressive buyers!

Introducing… Asia’s No.1

“Sales Ninja Products Bundle”

Here is what you will get …

Sales Ninja’s Best Selling Book

“Secrets of the Sales Ninja” E-book – MYR 50

Sales Ninja Introduction (Read this FREE before purchase)

Sales Ninja Philosophy
– Four Types of Sales People
– Two Systems Governing the Sales Ninja
– Sales Ninja Basic Power
– Principles of Attractiveness
– Greatness of Men
– Sales Ninja Advanced Power (Read this FREE before purchase)
– Sales Ninja Awareness
– Sales Ninja Mastermind
– Sales Ninja Action
– Achieving Flow

Sales Ninja Strategy (Read this FREE before purchase)
– The Battle Of Perception
– Creating Your Own Image
– Unique Selling Proposition
– Customer Service vs Customer Experience
– Sales Ninja Psychological Tricks
– Sales Ninja Line Openers
– Sales Ninja Survey
– Sales Ninja Referral Flood

Sales Ninja Tactics
– Sales Ninja Rapport Secrets
– Sales Ninja Sneaky Rapport
– Sales Ninja Inverted Coma Tactic (Read this FREE before purchase)
– Sales Ninja Magic Language
– Sales Ninja Objection Killers
– Sales Ninja Subtle Closing Tactic
– Sales Ninja Hidden Close

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Sales Ninja’s Top Sales Secrets MP3 – MYR 65

9 Confidential Secrets

Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know 

1. How To Gain Power and Attraction In Any Situation…

2. Martial Arts Wisdom for Business Success

3. How To Utilize The Sales Ninja Secret Weapon To Brutally Destroy Your Competitors…

4. 5 Fatal Mistakes 99% Business and Sales People Make During Networking…

5. Conventional Tactics That Put Small Businesses Out Of Businesses…

6. Attention Retailers: Are You Making These Deadly Sales Mistakes?

7. How To Immediately Add 10-30% Profits To Your Bottom Line Using Up-sell, Cross- sell And Bundling Strategies…

8. Overlooked Underutilized People Strategy To Super Boost Sales…

9. One A Winner – One A Loser – Why?

top sales secrets 2 audio

Sales Ninja’s Top Sales Secrets  2 MP3 – MYR 65

8 More Confidential Secrets

Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know 

1. Never Under Estimate Your Enemy – They Are Dangerous!

2. To Progress In Life – You Need A Never Ending Improvement Mindset!

3. Adapt or Die – You Choose!

4. After Sales Service Secrets to Sustain Sales!

5. How To Sell To Man & Woman!

6. How To Deal With Angry Customers!

7. Deliver On Your Promise, Do What You Say You Would Do!

8. How To Sell At A Higher Price

Sales Ninja Super Networker MP3 – MYR 150

The forbidden networking secret that will easily penetrate your prospect’s vulnerable mind and seduce them to obediently listen to you and become amazingly fascinated with your products and services in less than 5 minutes!

… This is Your ONLY Chance To Get Hold Of My Most Jealously Guarded Networking Strategy Silently Used To Hypnotically Mesmerize My Prospects To Go Down On Their Knees And Beg Me To Sell Them!

Total Value:  MYR330

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