Sales Books

Sales Ninja’s Weapon E-book [RM99]

Warning: Includes some highly dangerous sales weapons that have produced more than tens of Millions of dollars in Sales increase! 

This E-book reveals:

 9 Old But Continuous Toxic Sales Habits.

Hide-and-Seek is a Sales Game and Here is How to Play it.

Why Companies Hire & Retain Bad Sales Managers.

Sales Presentation Made Easy Using These Simple Methods.

How to Unite The Team Like A Warlord.

Why Electronic Manufacturers Are Selling Short.

What Sales People Can Learn From Babies.


This E-Book Also Includes The;

Top 2 Most Researched "Sales Topic" On Google

✅ The Hardest Skill to Master for B2B Sales People. 

✅ How To Acquire Project Deals Faster.

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Secrets of the Sales Ninja E-book [RM50]
How to massively explode your sales and income using modern psychological weapons and the ancient art of the ninjas!

This E-book reveals:

Sales Ninja Philosophy

Sales Ninja Advanced Power (Read this FREE before purchase)

  • Four Types of Sales People
  • Two Systems Governing the Sales Ninja
  • Sales Ninja Basic Power
  • Principles of Attractiveness
  • Greatness of Men
  • Sales Ninja Awareness
  • Sales Ninja Mastermind
  • Sales Ninja Action
  • Achieving Flow


Sales Ninja Strategy (Read this FREE before purchase)

  • The Battle Of Perception
  • Creating Your Own Image
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Customer Service vs Customer Experience
  • Sales Ninja Psychological Tricks
  • Sales Ninja Line Openers
  • Sales Ninja Survey
  • Sales Ninja Referral Flood

Sales Ninja Tactics

Sales Ninja Inverted Coma Tactic (Read this for free before purchase!)

  • Sales Ninja Rapport Secrets
  • Sales Ninja Magic Language
  • Sales Ninja Objection Killers
  • Sales Ninja Subtle Closing Tactic
  • Sales Ninja Hidden Close

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Post MCO Business Strategies [ RM 38 ]

We’ve Uncovered The
That Almost Nobody Knows About…

This has the ability to get back your lost of sales during MCO and bring you even more sales after MCO faster than anything you’ve ever seen before!


As the operations of many businesses have remained closed for a long time, business sentiment is likely to take some time to recover. In this Exclusive E -BOOK, we will focus on 5 Key Topics that will help reposition SMEs after the MCO period.

✅ collection strategies
✅ people strategies
✅ financial strategies
✅ marketing strategies
✅ sales strategies

Is The MCO Negatively Impacting Your Business?

IT is a difficult situation currently for businesses everywhere, but it is particularly challenging for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and those in the gig economy.


This E-BOOK Reveals The Most Powerful Strategies That Business Owners/ SMEs Should Immediately Leverage On!

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