Negotiate your way to the TOP!

Negotiate your way to the TOP!

Let’s face it, negotiating is one tough cookie to bite! You have buyers constantly negotiating and setting the prices for you. We all know that one buyer who boasts about how he managed to make you sell that item for a 30% discount! You have no choice but to cave in or fear losing your business.

At times like these, you wonder whether it’s worth it.

Fight back we say! (Not literally of course) Fight back mentally & be the winning negotiator at the very end.

We are giving you FOUR FREE TIPS to negotiate a better deal!

1 Get rid of Mr. Desperado.

Scenario – You are a furniture sales person at an exhibition and you’ve been selling a sofa for a price of RM 12,000, the time is ticking and you have not sold your item yet. Desperation kicks in as you start to think “selling one item for a loss is better than selling none at all!”

Problem – Suddenly a buyer approaches your booth, you start explaining the product and then the negotiation begins! In the end, you sold the item for RM 8,000 because desperation kicks in and you stop thinking like a winner.

Solution – You can have options on how low the price of your items should go and don’t go any lower than that. Once you have that in mind, be confident and BELIEVE IN YOUR PRODUCT. Buyers will come to you if you are confident in your product/brand.

2 Be a listener not a talker

Scenario – You are drawing in a huge number of crowds and suddenly one person from the crowd asked you a question out of the blue. You did not listen to his questions properly; you randomly say something. You lost that customer.

Problem – The problem here is that you did not listen to buyer’s need and want.

Solution – Listening is one of the key factor in being a better seller. The ability to listen will allow you to learn to speak the language of the customers thus you will use these skills to outsmart the competition.

3 Stay Calm

Scenario – Some people start throwing questions to you. The crowd get restless and you panicked. You open your mouth but the words won’t come out. They asked for a cheaper price, you agreed.

Problem – You panicked because the crowd has bombarded you, you lose your cool & forgot your personal number 1 rule.

Solution – Speak up! Make your voice louder than the crowd – we recommend investing in a portable speaker so you can reach the farthest potential customers! & STICK TO THAT PRICE!

4 Be tactical

Scenario – Your competitors start setting up all around you. You fear that you do not have the ability to outperform them. They are getting better at selling & negotiating. You lose out in the race.

Problem – Instead of letting your competitors drown your business, you should apply tactical skills that will benefit your company.

Solution – Attend Sales Ninja Tactics! You will be learn, mind blowing tactics that will boost your negotiation skills and be the best sales person you can be!

Training provides an excellent platform for any sales person. Especially PROVEN training programs that will benefit you, your sales person and your company!

Download the PDF below to find out more about How this Sales Negotiation Training can help you!

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