McGregor’s fight can be applied to your sales team! It’s mind-blowing!

McGregor’s fight can be applied to your sales team! It’s mind-blowing!

The match between Conor McGregor & Jose Aldo last week can be considered one of the biggest showdown in UFC history! It was Brazil Vs. Ireland.

Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world featuring most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport. Fighters are mostly skilled in grappling, striking and wrestling.

A little bit of what went down on the most coveted fight of the year after Pacquio vs. Mayfeather.

One year ago McGregor was due to a fight match with Aldo for the same title, but due to a rib injury a week before the match, Aldo pulled out and was replaced Chad Mendes for the interim Featherweight belt, with Aldo possibly returning to the scene only on Oct. 2015

After winning the fight, there were verbal exchanges between McGregor & Aldo. What really ticked McGregor was when Aldo called McGregor’s interim title a “Toy Belt” thus fueling McGregor. On August 2015, UFC President Dana White has locked down the date and venue for the highly anticipated fight to finally name one of them the UFC Featherweight champion of the world!

While watching the match, the skills that McGregor shown from the time of the announcement to the fight can be applied to all sales staff it shocked me.

McGregor managed to knockout Aldo within 13 seconds!

1) McGregor’s training is unconventional.

Prior to the fight, McGregor hired a movement coach, something that is different and fresh! While the rest trained conventionally. He trained on speed, accuracy and practicality, no punches, no grappling, not even kicks!

During the fight, McGregor’s movement was fluid proving that his training showed results. With this new unconventional training method, he was able to anticipate all the moves from Aldo and managed to counter it!

Let’s face it; there are numerous Sales Training companies that provide conventional training methods, seminars after seminars or theories after theories.  While we want to believe how theories can help, deep down we know that learning things hands on is much more beneficial.

Solution: Go for a pragmatic and practical sales training. Proven results! You can be like McGregor and knock your competitors out with the skills that you learn!

2) McGregor’s mind was ready.

McGregor has his mind prepared prior to the fight, telling the media and the world that he CAN AND WILL KNOCK OUT ALDO WITHIN THE FIRST ROUND. He believed that he was able to do it and because he believed that he can do it, he did it! Knocking Aldo out in a mere 13 seconds!

If you can see it, hear it and you have the courage to speak it, it will happen,” McGregor said. “If you become vocal with it, you create the law of attraction. … I said one round.

To achieve your sales target. You need to think that you can do it! If you believe that you can do it, it will be done! Mindset Motivation is one of the key ingredients to be successful in your line of work! But, of course, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself, what can you do? You need a warrior to train you!

Solution: Attend a transformational Mindset Motivation training that will let you experience and change your mind by going through mind boggling challenges that will test you mentally and physically. We know that once you attended this training your attitude will be a can’t do to a CAN DO!

3) McGregor’s presentation was on point.

During weigh-ins and media conferences, McGregor presentation skills were on point, he knows how to sell himself. During the open workout session, McGregor was able to present his unconventional sparring techniques.

Similarly to sales, presentation skills are crucial to any sellers. The ability to persuade your prospects from a cold prospect to a buyer lies in the way you present the product & yourself. Presentation skills need to be experience through practical training and it is rarely innate.

Solution: Go to a training programme that will let you experience a world class sales presentation model that will equip you with a powerful system with easy step by step guide that will allow you to hypnotize your prospects!

We’ve trained more than 10000 participants, received thousands of testimonials from customers, and successfully helped breakthrough their sales target the first month right after our training.

Knockout your competitors like McGregor, choose Sales Ninja!

Sales Ninja Motto “My Mission is Sales and I don’t fail my Mission!”

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