Martial Arts & Selling – You Are Only As Good As Your Training

You Are Only As Good As Your Training

Imagine a person joining a martial arts class and playing a fool during the practice. When the Master request we punch with full force, that person punches with 50% force. When the Master say be serious, that person laughs. When the Master says, act as if a real fight has occured and your life depended on it and act accordingly, that person waits and hesitates and looks around not focusing on the attacks coming. Question – what do you think will happen to this person if this person gets into a real fight?

You are only as good as your training. If you are not serious about the training, your skills will reflect that. I’ve trained thousands and thousands of sales people across Asia. There are some who practice everything the Master, in this case, me, the sales trainer tell them to do. There are some who hesitates, because they think they know it already, there are some who waits, because they don’t want to look foolish in the role-plays or activities. There is nothing to lose in the sales training. If you train hard in the training, you will do great in real life. Once again, you are only as good as your training. Go full force!

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