Martial Arts & Selling – Begin With White Belt

I will now start writing a series of posts relating what i know about martial arts to sales, to selling. Obviously the philosophies and principles are general enough to apply to life. So think beyond the context and be creative in the application. I have 3 black belts in martial arts and it has definitely taught me so many things. To start off, all martial artists begin with what kind of belt?

Begin With White Belt

Start with the fundamentals. Make sure you master the basics of selling. Don’t get trapped into learning some advanced techniques that can short cut your way to success. Learn one step at a time. The beginning is going to be hard but it is also the most important. Begin hard and end easy. If you begin easy, you will end hard. If you don’t pay attention to your White Belt, you will miss the crucial things that will grow your bank account.

In martial arts, the best techniques are also those you learn in White Belt – straight punches, basic blocks, front kicks. Those ‘advanced’ flying kicks are not practical in real fighting situations. They look good in martial arts demonstration but are useless in group fightings. So do you know what are the White Belts of selling? Are you the master of all the basic of selling? Which area can you work on? Always remember, even though you are a Black Belt in sales, a veteran, a senior with lots of experience, don’t lose your edge in the basics of selling. Polish your White Belt skills today.

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