Part 1 – Malaysia Is Not Safe Anymore, Even For Sales People

Part 1 – Malaysia Is Not Safe Anymore, Even For Sales People

If you have been following the news, you would realize that crimes in Malaysia are on the rise. Even people who are going to work or staying at home are not safe anymore.

20 years back, staying at home would be one of the safest places to be. Even unlocked gates, kids playing in the garden while neighbors have chat over the fences are common sights. Things have changed since then.

Putting things into sales perspective, your sales is not safe anymore. Methods to get sales 20 years ago may not be the same now. While you may still use some of the techniques 20 years ago, you are left frustrated because it does not convert as how it used to.  Do you think that your sales is safe if you continue to do things as how you did 20 years back?

Here’s why it is not safe anymore:

Like Criminals Waiting To Attack, Competitors Are Doing The Same

Don’t you realize that your competitors are sprouting out everywhere and squeezing you of your sales? They are lurking in every corner seizing every opportunity and you are left with the crumbs of sales. Even when you think your sales is secured, at any point any of your competitors can jump in and steal that sale. It is not uncommon why so many sales people get demotivated because of this.

Your Sales People Are Committing Crimes Too, They Are Not Going Out

One of the crimes companies are creating for themselves is that sales people are not going out to meet clients. It is not enforced or made into a culture. It could be that they are demotivated from countless of rejections, or find that going out is pointless. But one of the biggest crime a business can make is waiting for customers to come to you. For businesses that have a well established name, that might work. If you are a newly set up or growing company, the way you can get customers is if your sales team go out and get customers.

Cheats And Scams By Sales People

One unethical method that desperate Sales People resort to is using deceit to get customers to buy from them. Whether it is a straight on lie or a cover up statement, the aim is to get customers to have ‘confidence’ in their products but in actual fact, their products do not deliver as how they are said to. In Sales Ninja, we have a code called “Honesty” We have and will always stick to the code.

Cheats and scam will get you a sale today, BUT you will lose returning customers, referrals and profits. It will work for the short sighted businesses. But businesses who plan to grow to the next level must never use this technique. Are you willing to take this risk?

Be A Sales Ninja Warrior

Going out to meet clients, learning methods to get customers from your competitors, giving excellent service to your customers, being honest and selling the right way are traits of a Sales Ninja Warrior. A Sales Ninja Warrior is always motivated even when they are rejected, unable to close sales and they have the ability to transform their sales performance.

What is a Sales Ninja Warrior about? Click here

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