Everyone should Thank Leonardo DiCaprio For These Sales Lessons.

Everyone should Thank Leonardo DiCaprio For These Sales Lessons.

We all know how this one goes, an excellent actor in countless of award nominated films from Blood Diamond, Wolf of Wall Street, The Aviator to name a few.

The below are a few of his nomination nods,

awards leo

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And finally this year, he finally won!

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After all these years of being nominated and not winning,did not faze Leonardo DiCaprio, he did not quit or give up, he worked even harder and proved to everyone that this year is his year!

Here are the sales lesson, that were so obvious its crazy!

1. Being Second Best is not good enough!

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for FIVE Academy Awards would naturally he would want to win that golden statue and he did. instead of choosing sappy roles and act poorly after being nominated once and eventually get forgotten, Leonardo DiCaprio, did not give up!

All the roles that he chose were impactful and meaningful, bringing the character to the live screen!

In sales, if you are not a top performer, you’ll be forgotten or even worst be replaced. It means you are not good enough or you did not work hard enough. To be the best, it’s not an easy journey!

2. Mastering Acting techniques

A majority of the population, believed that acting is easy, but that is a misconception! Actors worked hard to play a particular role, learn a new language or even lose a huge amount of weight!

He developed OCD for a role in The Aviator, he delved in so deep that he developed the condition himself, he also injured his hand in a scene in Django.

Acting makes you do things that you are not used to, changing your personality and skins to become someone that you are not.

Sales is the same, you need to step out of your comfort zone and do things that not most sales staff do, you need to learn the techniques to close a sales before you can get the title of the Top Sales Performers.

3. Practice makes perfect

After losing FIVE academy awards over the past years. He practiced, performed and worked harder! E.g Knowing how to speak an accent but not delivering it is a waste, so is there really any point of having the skills but not practicing it till perfection?

in sales, if you do not practice your pitch, tackling objections or even making cold calls, you’ll be losing out to those sales people who practice.

Yes, it is natural to make tons of mistakes, stammer or even offend the clients at first. But it’s okay, learn from it and avoid making the same mistake again. ask any professional actor if practice is more important. You’ll get a definite YES! Likewise, why should sales be different?

4. He got back up harder, better, faster, stronger!

For the times that he was nominated and lost, he got back even stronger than before.  He did not stop acting, he continued and look where he is now. He finally won the Actor In A Leading Role!

You may get knocked down in sales by getting harsh rejections, buyers slamming tables, forced to give ridiculous discounts and many other painful encounters in sales especially with inhuman prospects. But what’s your goal? If you are in sales to be #1 then get up and sell until your prospects buy.

Finally Leonardo Dicarpio won the best actor, persistence, handwork, practice and never giving up.

Oscar season has just ended, and do think that those that did not win will just give up? Let the spirit of Leonardo DiCaprio win motivate you to CLOSE THAT SALES. If this is not strong enough, then training is the way to go for you!

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