An Underdog Story : Leicester City.

An Underdog Story : Leicester City.

A true underdog story that is waiting to be told.

You normally watch these type of scene in the movies where a sports team of any kind be it basketball, hockey, American football or gymnastic. They have one common theme : A losing team that worked hard and rise to the top beating everyone expectations.

How did an English football team who was at the bottom of the list in the English Premiere League and was on the verge of being relegated managed to be the champion?

This is a story about Leicester City!

During the start of the season the odds for Leicester City were 5000 – 1. That means, people already expected Leicester to lose the match from the start because of its giant opponent such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool (to name a few).

Of course, it came to a surprise to avid fans when Leicester City won the Premier league on 2nd May 2016 with the score card are as below:


Fans & critics start to study their play books and tricks on how they can climb all the way to the top.

Three key factors that comes to into mind:

1.Believe that they could be the best even though no one else did.

Lets face it. When Leicester City played nobody believed that they could be able to beat the giants and last the entire season.

Instead of giving up or listening to what other people say, they believed that they could do it and persist further and played the game to the best that they can.

In sales, there will always be nay-Sayers that will make sure you start doubting yourself or even your work. It’s normal to sulk in and doubt yourself, but you need to remove that thought but sometimes its not as easy as it looks. We understand that!

Will you come back as a winner or a loser?

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2.Persistence to fight on with strong leadership.

In every football club, there would be someone that manages the team. For non-football fans, a football manager is someone that is responsible for running a football club and may also serve as the head coach.

That means they handle the details such as buying or selling of players, planning the strategy, and instructing the players on the pitch, selecting the team of players for matches, and their formation and many more. That means the manager would need to be responsible in leading the team to victory.

Are you doing that for your sales team?

Most sales managers do that… initially, but when sales target is still not being achieved, they give up on their sales team or end up using threats and fear tactics.

In  Lead In Tough Times, We coach sales manager to effectively lead their sales warrior into battle and motivate them when things go tough and reward them when they do well. A sales leader needs to be more than just giving instructions.

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Captain Wes Morgan – Manager Claudio Ranier

3.Tight Teamwork

In a big team, it is important to work together with clear cut communication so that it will be easier to help one another, especially when the outsiders don’t agree with your direction.

Leicester City worked like a well oiled machine, getting directions from the captain, head coach and passing the ball to the correct team mate at the correct time.

In sales, you can never truly be alone. Sales people does not only need to achieve their individual sales target but also the company sales team. Pulling in one for the team if the other one cannot achieve the target.

How are you going to bring the sales team together to align their personal goals and the company goals?

In Sales Ninja Unity, we focus on sales! That means we help you build a deeper relationships with each other and also to help each succeed as one team that is sales oriented. This is not your typical team building training where its all fun. This is the real work!

Work hard together now!

4.Opponent was very skillful

Again, all matches Leicester City had were against giants such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and many more. Some even had the EPL title under their belt or had also represented the country during the last World Cup!

Skilled players have been trained to use successful techniques that have been brought down from the successors. Trade secrets to even formation secrets, but of course, Leicester City had something up their sleeve, they follow old successful techniques and skills that were long forgotten and they won.

In sales, skills is very important.

How many times have you lost a negotiation because the buyer asked for so much discounts, you are practically selling at cost price? The pressure that buyers give you is just crazy. An untrained sales person will be terrified and will end up calling the managers to give the discount. The result, you lose profits! 

Sales Ninja never believes in price war. It eats up profits and makes the deal sour. We use effective and practical tactics that will give you higher profits by avoiding discounts.  If you want to master the art of negotiation and get higher profits.

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Why is your sales any different? Being first is all that matters. Celebrate when you hit your target and feel depressed when competitors beat you. Everyone wants to be a winner and if you can get this attitude right in your sales performance, you will be number one!

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