How to Lead Your Team to Bigger Sale

Previously, we shared how retail management affects both the customer as well as your staff. But how about the sales part? What will you do to grow your sales as a leader?

For retail, when sales are slow or when that one person is demotivated, the team will always look to you, the leader, for insight and ideas and new ways to overcome all hardships. Retail leadership isn’t just about converting the walk-ins into a sale but also the art of coaching the people to do it properly.

Why Retailers Need A Leader

It goes without question that for most of the time, retail is a very direct selling process. So, many would find it unnecessary for a sales leader to be present but just like telesales, there are always the difficulty to cross and upsell.

For many front-line retailers, cross-selling and upselling is the most difficult because they would either be inexperienced, or the customers keep throwing objections that are difficult to handle.

At the same time, retailers often lose motivation quickly and are afraid to approach customers to ask questions and cross-sell (or upsell) products.

A Game of Words

As a manager, you must know that to convert a walk-in into a sale or even cross-selling, proper word play is crucial as well as building rapport for a potential repeat sale. Customers will look to you when your front-liners fail to deliver the customer service or the right info even though you and your retailer know the exact same thing.

But because you hold the title of manager or supervisor or team lead, your choice of words as well as your tonality makes all the difference to get the customer to buy and come back in the future.

Cross-selling and Upselling

Price is something that cannot be adjusted in retail, under any circumstances unless you created and sell the product personally. However, in most cases, customers believe that anything on the shelf can be customized from price to quantity.

With a title like manager, customers will look at you in a different light. It makes for easier cross-selling and upselling despite that the sale would be the same if your retailer sold it.

Sales Ninja Retail Leadership

Sales Ninja understands better than most the struggles of retail management and leadership when it comes to sales. Because not only are you carrying the target of your team (or the entire store) but also the face of the store as well. A bad retailer can be replaced or retrained but a bad manager would tarnish the image of your store entirely.

And that’s what Sales Ninja can do for you, to train you:

In Sales Ninja, we know leading a retail team in tough times makes you want to give up and maybe consider another job but without you, your team and your outlet would be ruined! Your strength is more valuable than you think!

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