How I Grew RM 100 Million to RM 120 Million…

How I Grew RM 100 Million to RM 120 Million…

“Hanzo! I want to achieve RM 120 Million. We’ve budgeted for RM 120 Million last year but we’ve failed to achieve. What do you think we must do?”

This client hired me for the whole year, and I had the challenge to build a RM 120 Million company for him. Here are some things I did immediately.

1 – Sales Account Management.

I studied their accounts and found out that the team did not cross-sell effectively all the SKUs they have. So, I created the step 1 account strategy. I categorized all accounts and then studied which SKUs are not being sold to every account.

2 – Sales Call Plan.

After having a strategy, I put together a sales call plan for the sales manager to lead their sales people to grow the account. They are to approach every account with a sales call objective of cross-selling.

3 – Sales Training.

I did a workshop where we listed down all the possible objections that the accounts were going to attack them with and created steps and scripts for them to tackle and counter the objections. We practiced multiple times until they were competent before they hit the market.

4 – Sales Execution.

Next; all sales managers were to bring their sales people to the field and see how they execute the

A: sales call plan and

B: sales training.

With the observation and coaching, if the sales people successfully executed step A and B, we reward and recognize them, and if they don’t, we motivate, train and coach them.

5 – Sales Review.

We gather together all the feedbacks on the steps and sales calls to further improvise and improve the process. We constantly review the results and execution to make changes to the strategy and plan.

Lastly, when they closed the year; they’ve managed to achieved RM 120 Million. It was 10 months of tremendous hard work, but if we put our effort into transforming our sales achievements, we can do it for sure!

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