Higher Education Sales

What’s your opinion on University Counsellors, are these their challenges?

Waiting for inquiries and not actively prospecting ☑
Weak in follow-up and follow-through with the student and parents ☑
Only offer what kind of faculties available but not the campus itself ☑
Never approach potentials during Open Day or Education fairs ☑
Always selling on price of study but don’t believe the price is what the student is capable of paying ☑
 Never cross-selling alternatives, only focus on one level of study ☑

The list goes on and on! If you’re facing the issues above, CONTINUE reading below…  


“We’ve decided to go for a change in training approach last year and after rounds and rounds of discussion with the board, we agreed that Sales Ninja’s approach fits our philosophy the best and what a choice it’s turned out to be!

What is Higher Education sale? It is the sales operations of colleges and universities to garner more students for their campuses and courses.

The main objective is to understand the essentials on how to be a professional consultant for students.

By the end of the program, you will learn the importance of being a student counsellor, understand the sales process, master the sales models and techniques along with all the fundamentals of selling skills.

See the CHANGE in your university consultants today!

This Training Is For:

  • University consultants to bring in new students
  • Counsellors of all experiences, new or old
  • Non-sales people who wish to learn how this industry works and sells
Sales Ninja aims to train any and all of those who wish to improve their “selling” skills in recruiting new students:
  • Pitch to students the right way instead of just recommendation
  • Upsell the programs available for any type of student
  • Negotiate with parents who make decisions for their children
  • Present professionally instead of an informal behind-the-table style
  • Sell institutes and lifestyle instead of just the designated degree
  • Approaching and closing in Education Fairs

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our sales team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Hanzo and team!

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