Everyone – Stop the Nonsense!

// Everyone – Please Stop the Nonsense!!
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Before you read on – I have to warn you…

In this issue of Sales Ninja Killer Newsletter, I will (with no shame) consistently swear and curse! If you have a weak heart or are easily offended, I suggest you go youtube and watch some clips. I’m going to swear now…

Screw it, there you go… That’s the extent of vulgarity I’m using… Of course I’m not using it on you… it’s for these people…

– Those who frequently whine and complain about the tough economic situation <and do nothing about it>
– Those who fear the world will come to an end by 2012
– Those who hate chocolates…

For the practical part, I’m only going to address the first type of screw-ees: people who talk a lot about things that don’t enhance other people’s lives…

We all know the situation. We all experience the toughness. I’m not saying to ignore it, what I’m saying is don’t just talk about it – do something about it. It’s called a season of life. Winter follows Spring. And it’s no use cursing the winter because winter is part of life.

While it may be tough, it’s definitely not the end of the world. Crisis comes with opportunities. If you do have some cash, the stock market is at a stage of ‘best buys’. Properties will soon follow. A lot of people are going to make money from this.

Of course there are also some people who have no money. Or they just got fired. Or their businesses are suffering from the sales slowdown. But that’s just part of life!

People flock to the news and see what’s happening. Hey! Do you know what sells? Crap sells. Negative sells. You don’t need to talk recent events, just open up the papers anytime and you’ll see 90% of crap news. Some dude died in the alley, some fellows home’ got burned down, some superman-wanna-bes standing on the roof of a 30 storey building. Screw it.

FOCUS is one of the 10 codes of the Sales Ninja. The other 9 being courage, commitment, contribution, abundance, honesty, trust, honor, duty and improvement. In FOCUS, we talk about – you will get what you FOCUS on. Science called it the RAS: reticular activating system. It’s the radar of the mind.

I buy an Emporio Armani jeans, suddenly I notice other people wearing Armani jeans. I buy a white belt and I notice other white belts. I like black cars and I see them everywhere. Your RAS will look for things you focus on.

If you FOCUS on problems, you are going to get lots of problems. If you look for opportunities, you are going to get lots of opportunities. I’ve recently developed a question. Very simple, very practical, very useful question. In fact, everyone knows about this. Whenever I hear an idea, I’ll ask myself “How can this help my clients make more money?”  Or I see some new businesses or whatever that’s useful; I just ask myself “How can I help my clients make more money with this?”

I have turned my RAS to look for ideas that can make money. Not for me, but for my clients, why? If I can make my clients money, I’ll naturally make money right? And that becomes the FOCUS, not filling more cash for my bank account, but adding value and enhancing my clients businesses.

On the other hand, what do we get if we FOCUS on No money (you get no money), No one is buying (you’ll find people who don’t buy), Prospects are broke (you find broke prospects).
Screw it – stop FOCUSING on the things you don’t want, but FOCUS on the things you do want!! – (sounds pretty cool so I’ll say it again) Stop FOCUSING on the things you don’t want, but FOCUS on the things you do want!

And don’t believe or buy into the crap ‘screw-ee’s tell you. Stay away from them. Don’t get sucked into the conversation of how bad things are. If you want to enter a conversation about the economy, FOCUS on solutions. Practical ideas that can help the situation instead of bitching, whining, complaining.

FOCUS on things that make you money. FOCUS on things that make you productive. FOCUS on things that will propel you to do more.

You can counter by saying you are realist. I live in the real world and that’s why I’m talking about the economy. Well, you can talk about the economy all you want IF THAT MAKES YOU MONEY! But it doesn’t does it? So screw it…

Because sales people are FOCUSING too much on crap – they procrastinate, they make excuses, they gossip, they blame, and the king of all crap – they stop. They stop calling, they stop prospecting for new clients, they stop being positive, they stop being nice to their family, they stop doing productive things. They just resign from live, being dead just not official.

Don’t stop. Never stop. Persist…until…you…succeed. Put 100% commitment in being successful.

In this situation, if you work harder than your competition – you will win.
In this situation, if you focus on finding a better strategy – you will win.
In this situation, if you persist – you will win.

Screw crap. Let’s go out there and sell something.

Until then, to more sales… with less effort!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Hanzo Ng is Sales Ninja Grandmaster, lingo for Chief Trainer of Sales Ninja Training, Asia’s #1 Unconventional Sales Training. Sales Ninja Training specializes in helping small-medium, listed and global companies transform their sales people into the ultimate sales professional known as Sales Ninja. For more information on our sales, motivation and leadership trainings, visit our website.

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