Dealer Sales

How To Sell To Any Dealers Current And New, Get The Order Without Giving Discounts, Rebates or Trips… Even Though You Are Fighting Shelf Space With Giant Branded Competitors…

If you ask any sales person, what is their biggest problem when selling to dealers? What would they tell you? Price, brand, payment terms, our competitors is better. So how do you sell-in when your competitors offer better price, better brand with longer payment terms?

One day during our design consultation where we follow the sales people to visit their dealers before the training – we saw the sales person build great rapport with the dealers but was pushing only the lower-end products. The dealer also ordered a few fast-moving product but the sales person did not do any cross-selling on higher end products.

This is shocking giving the fact that the company have lots of products in their catalogues. Is this an issue for you? The sales people not cross-selling enough? This is not all the issues… We have seen some even begged for the sale saying “please support-la!”. What is the solution?

Transforming The Mind

- Sales Ninja’s expertise is to change any sales person from a worrier or to a warrior. We transform their minds from being lazy, order-taking and incompetent to productive, sharp and intuitive to get the edge on closing the sale.

- No longer will the sales people have to resort to poor-handed tactics or selling fast-selling products. With our Ninja mindset program, your sales people will become a force of reckoning.

Barriers and Objections

- The average sales reps have no skill in tackling objections; they would panic and submit to dealer pressure and just give up. All the pros in the world can handle any objection their dealers are throwing because they know their stuff and they are confident about it.

- Sales Ninja will train your guys through hardcore and unconventional methods to enhance their skill AND ensure they remember it on the field.

Stopping The Blame Game

- Often, all sales people play the blame game. They blame the dealers who claim still have stocks. They blame the market and GST/SST for low buying power from end user. They blame competitors for having better incentives towards dealers and they blame their own products for being difficult to sell.

- Those who play the Blame Game lack skill, confidence and have repetitive approaches to the dealers whilst expecting different results.

Coaching and Transformation

- It’s one thing to be trained in selling skills but it’s another to remember what was trained. Sales Ninja brings not only the extreme training but we FOLLOW your sales forces unto the field to coach and advise on what we trained them.

- You can easily forget everything you learned in a day or less so to have continuous refresher is MUST for all sales people. Humans have the tendency to refer back to experience and are afraid to try anything new. It’s time to overcome that fear!

“We have achieved 23% increased of sales within 3 months .

Thanks Sales Ninja team!

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