Crazy Swedish Manufacturer Guarantees 300 Years Durability!

Why should i buy from you?
What makes you different?
What makes you unique and special?

If your answer is along the line…

We give you not just good but great service!
We are the cheapest in the universe!
Our products are of the highest quality!

Then i would follow-up with another question – is competitor saying the same thing?

Mostly highly… yes they are. I’m a big fan of differentiation, of unique selling propositions, of being unconventional.

This issue I would like to share one example with you. And will share more as we go along.

Have you heard of lifetime warranty? I’m sure you have. The problem is, it’s not specific. Being specific has proven again and again to make an impact in our communication message. Although lifetime warranty itself is a great selling proposition, i believe if you make it specific it will stand out even more.

Guaranteed to help you lose weight vs. Guaranteed to help you lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks!
Guaranteed to help you increase sales vs. Guaranteed to help you increase sales by 12.3%!
Guaranteed fast broadband speed vs. Guaranteed a minimum speed of 1MB/s.

See the power of being specific?

Brikolör is a new swedish manufacturer that has the ambition to manufacture furniture with a guaranteed emotional and technical durability of 300 years.

Their differentiation?

300 years durability. Guaranteed.

What would happen if it doesn’t last 300 years? Why not contact them and ask? Check out Brikolör.

In the meantime, think of how your business can utilize these unconventional ideas. To more sales… with less effort!

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Hanzo Ng is Sales Ninja Grandmaster, lingo for Chief Trainer of Sales Ninja Training, Asia’s #1 Unconventional Sales Training. Sales Ninja Training specializes in helping small-medium, listed and global companies transform their sales people into the ultimate sales professional known as Sales Ninja. For more information on our sales, motivation and leadership trainings, visit our website.

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