When you don’t change, you’re out of the race!

When you don’t change, you’re out of the race!

The dawn of “smartphones” reached us in the late 2000s and before then a mobile phone is more than just making calls, sending texts.

It becomes the epiphany of modernity and technology combined into one sleek design, you can download applications, read emails, surf the net, watch movies, listen to music and all with the touch of your finger!

This technology was made possible ever since Apple introduced their revolutionary IPhone to the world on 2007! Since then other phone manufacturers start coming up with a smart phone! Android, its main competitor entered into the game.

As IOS and Android prepared for world domination, some older and popular phones companies lost the race as they failed to adapt to the changes.

I bet you owned these before:

old phones

They stuck to their old design and philosophy, did not change to adapt the modern needs of their customers!

Imagine this scenario in the sales world, iOS and Androids (your competitors) have created something so amazing to attract new customers instead you do not want to change and still want to stick to the old ways of handling and getting new prospects, you lost the race and you are out of the game, similarly to the pictures above.

Change is inevitable and it is necessary, you need to belief that you can change and then give it your all.

We have come up with a few techniques that will allow you to break that old mindset and built new ones to win the race.

1. Dare to step out of your COMFORT ZONE.

The comfort zone is the most dangerous zone for everyone or any business. It lies between mundane and hopelessness.

As a sales person, being complacent is one of the worst thing to be. The main issue with average sales people is that their comfort zone lies with just dealing with existing customers and not going out there to prospect new customers, because of the fear of the rejection.

The thing is if you don’t try and just fear the unknown then you already lost! So don’t give up and as per Nike, Just Do It! Still afraid?

No worries we have the perfect thing for you : Click here to find out more!

2. Shape your mindset with GOALS.

The mind is a powerful tool for your success to change! What fuels the mind is the clear cut GOALS.

It can be inspirations from your family to provide them a better life, proving yourself to your colleagues or boss, going overseas for a shopping spree or even just for that money!

With the Goals in mind you will definitely give your all to achieve it such as following up with the prospects constantly and not taking NO as an answer, once you achieve your target, you will then be able to attain that goal and make it to a reality.

3. Find your SUPPORT.

Support is one of the best thing you can get for free, which will propel you to greater heights. Positive support is crucial!

A good support system is a group or even that one person who believes in you and gives your positive reinforcement, but what you get you must also give in return as support works both ways. So have you found that support?

Find someone or a group that shares the common goal with you and will be brutally honest if you are slacking off.

4. Learn from the BEST.

Time and time again, those that opened their minds and learn are the ones that get the most out of it.

Learning comes in a variety of methods, it could be from from self-help books either online or offline, an influential person in your company or from your friends, but the most effective way to learn and applied it, is through practical training!

A training that will give you the pragmatic soft skills that can be used right after the training. The trainer is one of the best sales trainer in Malaysia whom have sales experiences well beyond his years! Lessons provided are the ones that he has been through and perfected.

As the Grandmaster of Sales Ninja, he is now ready to pass on the knowledge to average sales person to a Sales Ninja!

So now the choice is up to you, who do you want to be?

An average Sales Person or A Sales Ninja!

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