Brilliant Marketing Idea That Gets People Talking!

The best marketing idea is low cost, effective, memorable and gets people talking. Getting people talking about your business, product or campaign is tough. Any company can blast a budget and shout all they want, but if it doesn’t translate into actionable behaviors, it’s a failed campaign.

Word of mouth marketing is proven again and again to be the best marketing strategy ever.

Here’s one campaign marketing bloggers are writing about that’s worth noticing…

— What would you do if you are walking down the street and saw the person walking in front of you dropped his wallet? You can either ignore it or shout to the person in front…

If you are a Good Samaritan, you would pick it up and run to the person in front and return it == Surprise… Surprise… That person would reply “Keep it! It’s on the king.”

It’s the new marketing campaign of Burger King in Orlando, Florida. (A great spot as its visitor’s traffic is high and when people return to their States, they continue to spread the word)

In the wallet you will find Burger King Dollar of $1 to $100, some Burger King gift certificates, gift cards, a map to all the Burger King stores in Orlando. (Refer images attached for your visual stimulation =)

If you are one of the people who picked up one of the 5000 wallets, you are guaranteed to tell people about it. Bang! Word of mouth in action. Brilliant… Your turn…

Sales Ninja Grandmaster

// Brilliant Marketing Idea That Gets People Talking!
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

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