Conventional and Unconventional Titles of Sales People!

Here are some sales job titles most commonly used:

  • Account executives
  • Account managers
  • B2B sales
  • Business councelors
  • Business executives
  • Business managers
  • Business development managers
  • Business development officers
  • Business development executives
  • Customer representatives
  • Customer specialist
  • Customer service manager
  • Client service
  • Client representative
  • Financial advisors
  • Marketing managers
  • Results producer
  • Results manager
  • Results supervisor
  • Relationship manager
  • Sales executive
  • Sales engineers
  • Sales specialist
  • Sales consultant
  • Sales rep
  • Solutions analyst
  • Sales professional
  • Telemarketer
  • Telesellers
  • Technical sales
  • Trusted advisors

They are conventional.
It makes sales people the same.
Differentiation comes from the little things –
every aspect of the little things – including job titles.

In some companies receptionist are now Director of first impressions.
Now, that’s an exciting title.

If you sell some sort of products that prevents disaster from happening, why not use unconventionally: Disaster recoverer or Disaster preventer. If you sell home security systems, why not use unconventionally: Director of Peaceful Homes. If you sell antivirus software, why not use unconventionally: The Ultimate Virus Killer. If you sell some fancy cars, why not use unconventionally: LOOK-at-THAT Manager – if people ask you what kind of title is that? You reply with… “Mr. Prospect, has this ever happened to you? You are driving or walking with a friend and suddenly a cool car passes you with a loud VrooOOMMmm, and you say to your friend, ‘Look At That!’. I help people own one of those.”

Be creative – be different – be unconventional.

Sales Ninja Grandmaster =)

// Boring and Brave Titles of Sales People!
// By Hanzo Ng, Sales Ninja Grandmaster

Hanzo Ng is Sales Ninja Grandmaster, lingo for Chief Trainer of Sales Ninja Training, Asia’s #1 Unconventional Sales Training. Sales Ninja Training specializes in helping small-medium, listed and global companies transform their sales people into the ultimate sales professional known as Sales Ninja. For more information on our sales, motivation and leadership trainings, visit our website.

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2 thoughts on “Conventional and Unconventional Titles of Sales People!

  1. So nice of you sharing this with us, i’m looking to improve my salesman skills so always on the hunt for new ideas and materials.

  2. Sales Consultant

    Nice post! Here’s one for ya… In a hierarchical organization, the higher the level, the greater the confusion.

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