Post-holidays blues? Let’s stay motivated!

Post-holidays blues? Let’s stay motivated!

Sales Ninja,Best Sales Training Malaysia is very honored and proud as we have been closing sales since the first day of work in January. If you think it’s just January and you have a lot of time to close sales? WRONG MINDSET! Start selling now! Make the BEST DECISION today!

For the last week I’ve been keeping track of how many people telling me that they are still in holiday mood. So far it’s close to 85%…

Truth be told, long holidays is a bad thing for sales staff!

It’s because they lost their momentum and is still in the post- holiday blues. They become unproductive and then just get lazy.

This resulted in them not performing their best.

Turn your sales team to a Sales Ninja! An elite force of Sales team that can soar your sales target to the roof!

So here are the signs that your sales staff is suffering from Post-Holiday Blues and how to ease your way back to work.

1.It’s been a week, and they are still NOT OVER IT.

It’s natural that once your sales staff returned from holidays, they will talk about their holiday experience. But once they start finding a way to bring it up any chance they can, you know that they are not over it! Anything to relive their glorious vacation will result them in NOT FOCUSING on their work!

Solution: We know that your sales teams are not robots, and they need the time to soak in what they can and their inbox is exploding with emails. There are so many things to follow up with! They can set a daily target and daily done list so they can quantify their workload so they do not feel pressured.

2.They day dream more than they should have.

Its common to stare into the abyss  that even those people that do not go for a holiday do, 60% of people who stare at the abyss tends to have productivity while zoning out, the remaining just dazed off with ZERO productivity. To tell whether they are day-dreaming productively or not is the results. At the end of the day, if they are not producing results that means they are doing the latter.

Solution: Encourage them to book for their next break. This may sound unreasonable since they just got back but this will encourage them to work productively and hit that target. In which they can look forward to it and chug their little machine away.

3.Unmotivated to work after holiday.

Saying goodbye to the sun, sea and freedom of not checking emails can often feel like the end of the world. Once its back to reality, sales people will follow up on their potentials, finding new clients and many more. This can be a bore Naturally, they become unmotivated, they want their freedom in a lot of ways, they want to do nothing. Motivating an unmotivated staff is quite tricky, because you need the right tools, words and activities.

Solution: Send them to mindset motivation training, an unconventional and powerful training that will transform your sales staff to a sales warrior.

Unleash their inner warrior to punch through obstacles, kick away excuses and a mind blowing activity that will test your courage and mentality! This will be a best choice you will make this year!

If you think it’s just January and you have a lot of time to close sales? WRONG MINDSET! Start selling now! Make the BEST DECISION today!

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