9 Best Sales Blog in 2015.

9 Best Sales Blog in 2015.

Whether you are starting 2016 with full force or still thinking of a way to scrap by 2016.

Here are TOP 9 Best Sales Blog in 2015 that will refuel your fire in 2016!

#1 : These lessons are so sales oriented I’m shocked how it can relate!


Summary of post : What Grandmaster, Hanzo Ng, learnt while speeding to Kuantan & Back (Not for the faint heart)

  1. There are always obstacle in front of you. Move around it and not stay behind it!
  2. Learn To Never Give up. Perseverance & Persistence is key!
  3. Seize opportunities when facing large competitors even if its risky!


#2 : Best Customer Service Training In Malaysia


Summary of post : When customers experience horrible experiences making customers leave for good! Companies need to have GREAT customers service in today’s competitive environment.

  1. Providing great customer service is your armor to protect against price and customer loyalty
  2. Send your staff to training so they will be equipped with the know-how!


#3 : This little girl had more than 50 sales in an hour!

Sumnikb1mary of post: Instead of staying at home playing with her iPad or watching TV, this little girl was out there making sales!

  1. Age is just a number, you can practically sell to anyone if you believe you can!
  2. Have a “I CAN DO IT” mindset!
  3. Get help from your seniors or get professional sales training to improve
  4. Always be better than average sales people by pushing your limit!


#4 : 5 Simple Ways To Be A Motivated Sales Person

Summary of pIMG-20150120-WA0000_resized-m7ger6cqi1mwtl9plz4hie88wv58c2or8r7clxh3aeost : Pumped up your spirit with these simple way to stay motivated like the car below. All beat up but still going strong on the road.

  1. I Own This – run your sales like how you would run your business
  2. I’m Lovin’ it – Love your company and love what you do
  3. No Fear – a training course that is designed to break that fear by pushing you to the limit!
  4. I’m No. 2? – Being aggressive will lead you to more sales!
  5. What do you REALLY want? – Doing it for something makes you fight harder and close more sales.


#5 : How To Push Your Competitors’ Sales Down Overnight

Summary of ninja12post: Sales Ninja has the answer and ways to push your competitors’ sales down overnight! Show the competitors that you are worthy to be afraid of!

  1. K-Knowledge
  2. A– Activity
  3. S-Skills
  4. M-Mindset


#6 – How To Improve Credit Card Sales – Cold Calling Strategies


Summary of post: General mistakes in cold calling and Sales Ninja solutions that you will greatly benefit from! Learn how to close sales in 30 seconds!

  1. Psychologically get him to reply with a YES and agree what you have to say
  2. learn how to tackle objections by using Unique Selling Proposition!



#7 – Negotiate your way to the TOP


Summary of post : Offering you four free tips to negotiate a better deal with your buyers with solutions that you can use right now!


  1. Getting rid of Mr. Desperado – do not have a desperation mindset, and start thinking like a winner by believing in your products.
  2. Be a listener not a talker – listening is one of the key factor in being a better seller to outsmart the competition
  3. Stay Calm – Large crowds and numerous response can be quite daunting. Sales person need to stay calm to that you can control the large crowd.
  4. Be Tactical – Learn and apply mind-blowing tactics that will boost your negotiation skills and be the very best!


#8 – Selling in Tough Times


Summary of post : Tough times is upon us, businesses cutting down to survive through it all. Smart business owners send their sales staff to Sales training to stay ahead of the game. Others just cut down and lose in the race.


  1. Experience unconventional explosive selling techniques to sail through Tough Times!
  2. Destroy your competitors when throwing prices.
  3. Get the Sales Ninja Warrior Mindset & Never give up during Tough Times.
  4. Learning to sell the Sales Ninja WAY!

#9 – McGregor’s fight can be applied to your sales team! It’s mind-blowing!


Summary of post : What can be considered as the fight of the century, and how this Irish lad fighting spirits can be used for your sales team!

  1. Unconventional training method that will allow you to anticipate all your competitors moves and knock them out!
  2. Positive mindset is very influential to the body and spirit so that you know you can do it!
  3. Killer presentation skills that will equip you with a powerful system and an easy step by step guide!

We’ve trained more than 10000 participants, received thousands of testimonials from customers, and successfully helped breakthrough their sales target the first month right after our training.


Sales Ninja Motto “My Mission is Sales and I don’t fail my Mission!”


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