Best Pharma and Medical Sales Training in Malaysia

The very top performing pharma and medical sales reps are extremely ENTREPRENURIAL. They manage their territories as if they were running their own business. These reps are highly trained and are extremely well sought after by many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and medical companies.

One major goal of a pharma and medical sales representative is to be seen as a valued consultant by doctors. When you are valued as a consultant by doctors, your knowledge and insight are extremely valuable to them and it allows you to gain new levels of access and sales growth for your products. Besides, doctors are extremely busy and usually are packed to the brim hence if you are seen as not providing value to them, your first doctor call could very well end up becoming your LAST!

Here, we would like to share THREE tips that’ll propel you into a TOP performing pharma & medical sales rep;


Effective Doctor Calling

The Holy Grail of the industry! Don’t you wish that there is some kind of magic formula that will uncover the real reasons as to why doctors aren’t prescribing more of your excellent drugs? What if the magic formula is already available HERE?

Look, in order to sell effectively, you as a pharma sales rep need to uncover a doctor’s specific needs, wants, concerns and objections. An effective doctor call is all about getting the information you need to help doctors make better prescribing descriptions.

Ask questions that allow a two-way conversation flowing between you and the doctors. Before you do that, make sure that you have a list of smart questions that’ll allow you to extract quality information from the doctors.


Have a clear purpose

Now that you have list of smart questions to ask, you need to ask yourself, “What’s the OBJECTIVE & end RESULT that I would like to accomplish by asking these questions?” In our program, we’ll be providing you with a LIST of smart questions that’s guaranteed to get a positive response from the doctors. This list of questions have been perfected over our years of training countless pharmaceutical and medical companies.

Be specific in your doctor calls.  Before you start your doctor calls, you need to remind yourself that: “I’ll start my conversation by asking a question the moment I walk in” and if they answer me in a specific way, I’ll respond using another set of questions.


Legendary Probing Skills

Now that you have opened the sales call, keep asking questions. Actually, this is where the real questioning begins, but it is here that most pharmaceutical reps make a common mistake: NOT knowing what to do next. Continuing from the previous point, the fact that you have spent time figuring out your objectives and end result will serve you well here.

Pharma/Medical Rep: Doctor Ronald, I notice you have been sharing with me a lot about this particular product. What is it that you like about that product?

Doctor: Well, John, I really like the fact that it has other indications.

Pharma/Medical Rep: Well, our drug can be a good option because…

What was wrong with this conversation? The rep started right away with his selling instead of probing further as to why the doctor likes the other product. What was the question he should have asked? He should have asked the doctor, “What are those indications? Why do you find them valuable?” His mistake was not asking the second probing question. The purpose of probing questions is to get the doctor to give you valuable information to help you “set up” your presentation.


This is where Sales Ninja, as the best pharma and medical reps sales training in Malaysia, comes into the picture. Learn some of the PROVEN BEST practices that many pharmaceutical companies are using to close the SALES after attending the best pharma sales training with Sales Ninja. Keen to turn your reps into TOP performers? Sign up HERE


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