B2B Sales

How To Close The Sales Even When Your Prospects Say “Your competitor is cheaper! There is no difference between you and company X! I am happy with my current supplier!”

Do you sell to other SMEs, Enterprise or Corporate?

Is your sales team facing these issues:

  • Not motivated to work harder to achieve sales targets?
  • Complacent and reluctant to change?
  • Always saying ‘targets are too high’.
  • Negative towards your company by saying competitor is better.
  • Never generate enough leads and blaming marketing or the market.
  • Weak in rapport and relationships with decision makers and mostly spending time with lower titles and can’t get access to higher levels.
  • Poor cold-calling skills, low activities or saying cold calling doesn’t work.
  • Not persuasive sales presentations and not convincing enough?
  • Get hammered by procurement for discounts and unable to tackle them.
  • Poor account management strategies, never cross-sell and lose customers to competitors unable to retain existing customers.
  • Lack of new customers and serving mostly existing ones.
  • Poor conversion ratios.

What is our solution to the above issues and challenges?

Transform from Worrier to Warrior, Negative To Positive, Cannot To Can

- The ultimate key ingredient to boost one’s sales and confidence is to have the very mind of a warrior! Warriors have no fear, can grit through any tough challenge and face tough times with ease!

- When they complete our Warrior program, they will feel more motivated to achieve sales targets, believe their targets are not too high but their confidence is too low and will challenge themselves to achieve more.

Get New Clients Through Cold Calling or Networking

- Manage your fear, control the call and set appointment with anyone in any company using the phone. We will train your sales people the 8 proven step of a cold calling that has improved hundreds of sales people’s cold calling skills.

- Your sales people will have the ability to walk up to anyone in any event and get their contact for appointment. Gone are the times when sales people only network with a few people, our networking prospecting training will train your sales people to even do table hopping during lunch - a special technique only Sales Ninja trains and demonstrates.

Objections, Negotiation and Closing

- Why are you charging higher when your competitors is cheaper by 10%? Why should I switch to you when your competitor is giving 60 days term and you are just giving 30 days term? If you match your competitor’s price, we can do a deal.

- How do you tackle the most common objections and negotiation situations? Whether it’s a need objection like ‘I don’t see a reason to change’, or a urgency objection ‘we have to get the secure the new raw material first before deciding’ or a authority objection like ‘we need regional office to approve this’ – we will train your sales team with the value selling techniques called PPSC. Using this differentiation model, many sales people have killed most objections to move their sales forward.

- In a corporate sales environment, there are always multiple stakeholders from different departments and different titles involved. Each have their own needs and pain, how do you close the sale when finance head is focusing on cost reduction when your solutions is more expensive?

Master Opportunity Creation & Solutioning Skills

- Customers may be happy with their current suppliers, how do the sales person create needs to change? We will train them our Ninja Proprietary STAR model to challenge the prospects to change.

- How to provide the right solutions to the prospects with our advance techniques where even the prospects themselves do not know they need to change but through the Sales Ninja Solutioning Skills, they will gain acceptance, pass through technical evaluations and move the sale to the next step.

Presentation and Persuasion

- When presenting to companies, your presentation and persuasion skills are everything! Every presentation whether it is technical presentation or presentation to stakeholders require the sales person to go through 8 different steps. Make 1 mistake in any step and the sale is destroyed.

- After studying all the top performers in different industries, there are only 7 persuasion techniques that these performers use to influence the prospects to buy-in, change and agree. One of them are Case Studies. What you have done for other clients that has the similar pain with the prospect you are presenting to. If you use all 7 techniques, you will be super powerful and will increase your conversion rates.

Account Management Strategies

- You penetrated the account with a small deal, now what? It’s time to provide more solutions to the same account, but how do you do it?

- Cross-selling can add more sales for an account manager, but the account manager that we have trained don’t have an account plan, so they keep chasing for new sales neglecting to grow their existing accounts or reactive waiting for enquiries for other solutions. With our trainings, your sales team will 100% grow their existing accounts using our Account Growth Strategies and Plan and they will never manage the accounts the same way ever again.

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our sales team faced on a daily basis.

Thanks Sales Ninja team!

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