My sales advisor SUCKS!


LAZY sales advisor with poor attitude and motivation issues? ☑

LOW turn up rate from prospect during launching? ☑

BAD results from roadshows? ☑

POOR presentations skills? ☑

NEVER take initiative to find NEW prospects? ☑

The list goes on and on! If you’re facing the issues above, CONTINUE reading below….



best automotive sales training in malaysia

“We’ve been engaging Sales Ninja for more than a year now and we are extremely satisfied with the result that we have gotten from it.

Our sales team have been consistently closing sales at our roadshows, something which we’ve had issues with in the past. Not only that, our sales team are much more focused now and sales has been increasing every single month since January 2017!”

See the CHANGE in your team of sales advisors TODAY!

Goodbye Complacency

It's time to put an end to your sales team WASTING their time sitting in the showroom not making calls to their customers.

INCREASE their productivity by making effective calls to customers and prospects to get them to visit the showroom, close the sales get the bookings in with Sales Ninja's secret techniques!

Follow up. The Key to Success.

Read this, too many salesperson take follow-up for granted.

Picking up the phone's easy but following up on customers and prospect's so much more than just saying, "Hi, have you decided?".

During the training, we'll share with you in "real time", the best way to follow up with your customers. Pick up your phone, talk to your automotive customers and let us dissect and improve your future calls.

Increase your Conversion ratio!

Every customer is a potential customer that's ready to be closed! All you need to do is ASK for the sale!

The biggest problem with the automotive sales team includes; not being able to handle objections effectively, providing the wrong answer to customers, lacking in confidence during closing and having absolutely no idea what to say during the follow-up process.

Learn and apply the SECRET techniques that our participants have used to get the sale on the SPOT!

Understand the REAL needs of customer

Customer: Hey, I like your D-segment car!

Salesperson: No, you should pick this. We have the best C-segment car in the whole world!

Salespeople are conditioned to sell. To them, the more they talk, the chance to close the sale gets higher. Which is not true at all!

Learn to listen and probe the Sales Ninja's way and see your customer getting in awe by your answers that you have carefully crafted just by listening to them.

Competitor Knowledge

"The other brand's known to be unreliable. Their customers always complain about them!"


DISGRACING the competitions don't win you the sale. Period.
Worse still, you're putting yourself at a higher risk of losing the sale due to your unprofessionalism.

Gain a clear cut "Differentiator" that will be passed down to you in our training to ensure that you always win the deal without putting your competitors down!

“Brilliant! We decided to engage Sales Ninja as we are impressed with their presentation. Not just on what they do, but also a great understanding of the challenges that our automotive sales team faced on a daily basis.

That was the moment which sealed the deal. We have successfully hit 100% of our target in 2017 despite the higher goal compared to 2016.

Thanks Hanzo and team!

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