Most Unusual Traffic Jams Have This Symptom

Most Unusual Traffic Jams Have This Symptom

Have you been stuck in an unusually long and bumper to bumper traffic jam for an hour or more? The unusual thing is that, that place have never been jammed before and you wonder why it is jammed now. As …


Sales Motivation Tips – The Best Never Rest

The Best Never Rest

This is the tagline from the movie Red 2.

Why this tagline caught my attention was because it is somewhat true. What differentiates the best from the rest is, they do things differently than everyone else.  …

To Change Or Not To Change?

To Change Or Not To Change?

This is a true story of Grandmaster Hanzo with this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

In order to manage the customer database, Grandmaster Hanzo has been using the Outlook CRM software, while his Sales Ninja staff have been using the …


Right Time Right Words – This Changes Everything

True short story which you will enjoy reading.

‘A mother told her four year old daughter to help her older sister who is seven years old with something. The reason the mother gave her was, helping other people is good. …