Unconventional and Undeniable

“I’m here to ensure that – by boosting up the sales of my clients 1 company at a time, 1 leader at a time, 1 person at a time – we avoid the domino effect of economies failing as a result of companies failing”.

One of the criterions for winning the coveted title of “The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs” (100MIYE) for 2019 was that they “made a mark in his/her industry with a disruptive innovation business model”. Known as the most influential sales trainer (ranked number one by Google) with his unconventional training programmes, Hanzo Ng stands amongst the likes of Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, and many other inspirational figures who were also presented the award. His own story is no short of an inspiration – one filled with action to back up the weight of words.

Find out what he has to say and what makes him number one:

On shaking up the business scene

Through our value consultation with clients, we challenge them to think differently. Our innovative training programmes deliver transformation by coaxing participants to tap deep within themselves to ignite their inner “fire” and consequently, their desire to succeed.

Take for example, our team-building programme: the “Team Fighting Spirit”. While generic team building programmes centre on improving relationships and creating bonds through fun challenges, our programme’s design ensures performance driven results with individual accountability for team failures.

These types of programmes are disruptive because it is what businesses need. With the ever-growing competitiveness in the market, we are facing massive challenges and times are getting tougher. We need to build tougher people. How and why do our programs produce results? People are not used to pushing their limits – we really, really push them. When salespeople make money, the company makes money and then the company can issue bonuses.

Consequently, when salespeople make sales, they get their commission, and they go out to spend money. There is a retail boom, a distributor boom, manufacturer boom and ultimately, the economy booms.

On standing out

Results will make any trainer stand out.

Products or programmes are useless when you are unable to see results. It is not uncommon to hear feedback about great training programmes that bring about temporary changes in the participants. That is feedback without measured results. Results are tied to KPIs and performance targets. If a trainer is funny, participants will come out feeling amused but, not necessarily, motivated or changed. Many trainers run their programmes as simple “transfers of knowledge”. While this industry has its long list of requirements – research, experience, problem solving, innovation, people skills, presentation skills – the most important factor is the performance results from the combination of all these. Our trainings produce changes that then produce results – we are fulfilling our clients’ needs & wants. We acquire training contracts due to our track record of understanding our clients’ industries and issues so well that we can provide the solutions needed to tackle them (coupled with measurements that bring ROIs).

On being number one

Let’s just say, it is as simple as ABCDE (that’s right, up to E!)

Aim – Set your goal; who do you want to be? As a salesperson, a sales manager, a sales trainer – I set it in my mind to be number one; always second to none. All of these – I have achieved. Visualising what you want puts an end to complacency. There is always more – arriving at one milestone only brings you closer to the next.

Believe – Have strong convictions; the commitment and positive mind-set to believe that you can do what you set your mind to. Without a strong belief system, people will get fall into a wormhole of self-pity as soon as a mistake is made and will eventually give up. Believe in yourself, in the product, in the company and in the goal.

Challenge – Overcome. Life will find ways to lash out at you but you are going to stand resilient. I keep thinking about my goals, talking about them, seeing it in my mind’s eye, feeling it in my every action as I work towards it. This keeps me going no matter how tough it becomes.

Deliver – Without results, it is as if I am ‘syiok sendiri’ (tooting my own horn). Find ways to measure your progress on the road to your goals. Are you on the right path? Have you made up for any setbacks you may have faced? I deliver through constant development in my skillsets and the endless expansion of my knowledge; the world is changing at a pace where I could be left behind in an instant.

Enjoy – After all that hard work and hustling, put your feet up and enjoy your results. I reward myself when I achieve my goals. I buy things, I travel and I treat my family.

On giving up

Truthfully, “giving up” was never a part of my mind-set during my journey as an entrepreneur. I have experienced heartbreak and bouts of nerves but I have not allowed myself to think, “I’m done”. I let my anger out in bursts on my punching bag; I sweat it out. I scream into thin air – or into a pillow at times so as not to scare my family.  Never once have I said, “I give up”. Being faced with so many challenges in  both my personal life and earlier career, hardships feel like an extra strong gust of wind that make me plant my feet firmer onto the ground than they already are.

There is no secret; only through struggles can one see success. If I can do it, anyone can do it.