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If you want to improve, you need a coach. A coach is able to train you to expand your capabilities, improve your skills and make you better. All athletes especially champion athletes need coaches.

Grandmaster Hanzo has 5 coaches; swimming, badminton, guitar, martial arts and business.

Why is having a coach so important?

Continue Learning

Having a coach forces you to continue learning. A coach is hired because he knows more than you in a particular area. When you are trained under him, you learn.

Learn From The Best

In order to improve, you need to learn from the best. Learning from someone who is on par with you is not improvement. To improve your skills and techniques, you need to learn from someone better, have more experience and have better techniques than you. That way, you will get his ‘secrets’ to be the best!


When you are training under a coach, you need discipline. You will learn to be on time, practice when told to, make mistakes and know how to correct it and much more. Without the discipline to want to improve, you will never learn anything. That’s why a coach is important. Whenever you make a mistake, he will correct you and he will keep you focused.

Practice And Role Plays

The best training is one that gives lots of practice and role plays. This is to simulate real life situation. Learning theories will not make you the best. For example, learning theories like the rules and regulations, techniques and strategies of playing badminton will not make you a good badminton player. But, learning the theories and practicing it in the court will.

Learning about sales theories and techniques in class is not enough. Without effective role plays, going out there to meet nasty clients will get you all stressed up and you won’t know how to apply those techniques.

Sales Ninja Is Your Coach

If you are looking for a sales coach, Sales Ninja is your best choice.

At Sales Ninja, we are the sales specialist. We focus on training the sales team with unconventional and psychological methods using Ninjutsu – the ancient warrior martial arts practiced by the Ninjas.

Located in Malaysia, The Sales Ninja Group is one of Asia’s fastest growing and most impactful Sales Training and Seminar company providing the latest mindset breakthrough programs and professional selling skills to transform every sales people into the ultimate sales professionals known as Sales Ninjas.

We have trained small groups of 10 with critical selling skills to mesmerizing huge crowd of 1000 with our platform speaking abilities.

Having trained thousands of business and sales professionals, Sales Ninja training has impacted people from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia and Middle East. Sales Ninja Training is highly specialized in designing customized sales training modules that is aligned with your sales process, sales environment and sales culture.

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