Why Most Sales People Fail In Closing Sales

Why Most Sales People Fail In Closing Sales

Yesterday, I was shopping with my wife and we somehow ended up in a shoe shop. My wife saw a shoe that she liked so she asked the sales person to get her that size so she can try it on.

After a few minutes the sales person came back with the shoe… and handed it to me.

Know Who You Are Selling To

The sales person gave me a woman’s shoe. In sales, you have to know your prospects. If you are selling medical equipment, don’t sell it to a bookstore. Again, if you are selling meat, don’t sell it to a vegetarian. What the sales person should have done is to give the shoe directly to my wife because those were what she needed and it’s something she can use.

Don’t Be Lazy

Could it be the sales person was lazy to walk over to my wife and decided to hand it to me since I was nearer? Sales person should never be lazy. A lazy sales person will have less prospects, less customers, less follow ups which means less sales. To achieve results, we use KASM where ‘A’ stands for Activity. Without sales activity, there won’t be sales.

Probing Skills

Most sales people are order takers.It’s easy and no effort is needed.

If the sales person wanted more sales, she could have asked my wife “What’s your usual office attire, is it formal?” “Are you looking for a specific shoe color at the moment?” “This red shoe just came in today and it will suit your red handbag perfectly! Let me get it in your size for you to try it on”. She may or may not get the extra sale, but she stood a higher chance than one who just stands around waiting for orders.

Get your sales person trained in probing here

Handling Objections

Fortunately, my wife bought the shoe. But let’s say my wife gave an objection “I don’t really like the heel, it’s too low”.Most sales person would say “Oh okay…”. But, if the sales person handled it this way:

“I understand Miss, but in terms of design, do you like it?”  

“Yes I think the design is very nice”

“Miss, then this shoe will be good for you because when you move around office, go for lunch and see your customers, there will be lots of walking and if the heels are too high, it would be highly uncomfortable. This height is specially designed for lots of walking which would be the best for your office activities. So, do you think this would help you in your office?

Simple objection handling can make or break a sale. If a sales person cannot handle objections well, it’s going to be tough selling to prospects. Get trained on proper objections handling here.

Sales is not magic. It’s a formula. Want to learn our Sales Formula? Contact us.

Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

One thought on “Why Most Sales People Fail In Closing Sales

  1. Man, i love how you always pay attention to details and observe your environment, and come back to share with us these awesome reminders. That is exactly what every sales person should strive to achieve. PAY ATTENTION. It clearly shows that this sales rep wasn’t paying attention, that is why she ended up passing you the shoes instead of passing it to your wife, who was her prospect, and not YOU. Sales people become lazy when they are no longer interested, when they are not engage in the process, when they are no longer in the game, sadly this even happens even to the very top experienced sales people. I strongly believe that a good sales person is one who is constantly studying his/her environment, looking out for buying signals, crafting excellent questions, going for seminars,workshops,reading books, making that extra call,role-playing, then role-playing some more, and more, and some more. It takes so much hard work just to be GOOD, let alone being GREAT, GREATNESS takes 10 X that amount of ACTION. Keep up the Good work Hanzo!!!

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