What This Taxi Driver Did Will Change Your Mind About Taxis

What This Taxi Driver Did Will Change Your Mind About Taxis

I spotted this taxi a few days back and something made me stare at it longer. It got my attention.I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of it. This is something you won’t see everyday. Here’s what stood out:

The Lizard Doors

photo 3See the door handles, they’re decorated with gigantic lizards. Girls or even some men might be in for a huge fright when reach for the handle. But I find it to be very eye-catching. It’s unusual and it sure does stand out more than other taxis around it.

Even the dashboard is filled with toys. Kids would love them. If there were a few taxis to choose from, your kids would most likely choose this over other boring taxis.

Are you doing anything out-of-the-ordinary that makes prospects choose you over your competitors? Is your sales person following up enough to get sales closed or are they give excuses like “This prospect is just not interested, there is no point in following up”. Close follow ups will get sales closed. Although some clients will give you a hard time, you’ll be surprised that at the back of their minds, they appreciate those aggressive follow ups from you.

One of our Sales Ninja clients actually commented this about our Sales Consultant, Sean:

Kerry testimonial

In the end, they choose us to conduct the training.

Lesson here is, following up correctly will get you the sale. Are your sales people prospecting and following up the right way and bringing in more sales? If not, check out Sales Ninja HUNTER on more prospecting and follow-up technique.

photo 4

You Mouse Get To The Top

And the antenna, this taxi driver attached two little black toy mouse on it. Talk about creativity! This is the first time I’m seeing this and who know, this guy might even start a trend. To some, it might look silly, but some might find it interesting.

It could mean that the driver is a very fun and interesting and you would be entertained throughout your journey.

You and your competitors carry an almost similar product. What differentiates the both of you is the sales person. People would choose to buy from your company if your sales person can provide a great buying experience like being fast, friendly, or even knowledgeable about their products.

In short, you must be the best in what you do. If not, you are just like the rest. A customer would definitely buy from an outstanding sales person over a lousy salesperson if the products they’re both selling are similar. If you want to close more sales, be outstanding!

Sales Ninja is an unconventional sales training which specializes in training ONLY the sales team. The Sales Ninja sales techniques are perfect for companies who want to be different from their competitors and to stand out from the rest. Sales people who are trained by Sales Ninjas will learn use unconventional MIND BLOWING techniques to attract buyers and close that sale!

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