What Pizza Hut Did To Their Customers Is An Absolute FAIL

It was dinner time and Grandmaster thought about having pizza and decided to order a delivery from Pizza Hut.

Grandmaster proceeded to log in to his online account to place an online order.

“Login error”

That was weird.. so he tried another email…

“Login error”

Since it has been quite awhile since he ordered, maybe he has forgotten the password. So, Grandmaster clicked on “forgotten password”

“Account does not exist”

That’s impossible. Anyway, Grandmaster called up and asked the operator to check on his account, the operator checked and said that the system does not have this record. The operator took Grandmaster’s order over the phone and said his pizza will arrive in 30 minutes.

40 minutes have passed and the pizza was no where to be seen…

Grandmaster called up again and another operator picks up. When asked about the pizza, the operator checks and said the account does not exist and the order was not keyed into the system. He asked for Grandmaster’s previous order and promised that the pizza will arrive in 20 minutes.

Grandmaster cancelled the order and ordered pizza from another restaurant.

We later found out Grandmaster’s friends who regularly orders from Pizza Hut also had his account missing. It seems that Pizza Hut’s IT department made an upgrade to the system and caused all their customers’ database to go missing.

Lessons learnt

Losing Customer’s Database

Never lose your customer’s database. What Pizza Hut did was an absolute disaster. Your database is where your money is. Your database is crucial for your follow ups, newsletters,  cold calls and more! See how Sales Ninja handles database and does follow ups

Order System Breakdown

There were two failures here. The online order and the phone order. There was a ready buyer but their system failed to record the customers order. In sales, sometimes when a buyer is giving a buying signal, most sales people do not have the sense of urgency. Buyers are already saying

” I want to buy!!!!”

But sales people take it lightly and choose to delay. Finally the buyer might just buy from a competitor.

Follow up until the sale is closed. That is important. Don’t procrastinate, don’t delay and don’t wait until the stars align until you take action.

If You Make A Mistake, Your Buyers Will Go To Your Competitor

Mistakes are bound to happen. But always make sure you do not repeat them. Learn from it.

When sales people fail like under delivering, too much hard selling and making other mistakes, buyers hate it. It is important to learn how to handle buyers the right way. It is not just seeing a customer and start laying all your products in front of his face and pushing him to buy. With the ever evolving market, sales techniques need to evolve too. More information on Sales Ninja’s sales techniques here.


Do not make the mistake of losing your customers’ database. But having a database and not doing anything is also a BIG sin. You need to follow up and prospect. Hoping that your buyers will return to you and buy without you putting any effort is a big mistake.

Learn sales techniques that will help you perform better when you meet new prospects. Learn how to build rapport first, get to know them better, understand their needs and continue from there to close the sale.

Your next step… Which of these relates to you?

I want to know more on how to handle my database and how to follow up with them

I want to get more details on Sales Ninja’s Sales Techniques when meeting prospects

Kevan Phua is Sales Ninja’s Marketing Shinobi who specializes in online marketing and generating inbounds. He loves reading, spending time with his wife, daughter and definitely his car. Recently, he has been in the online shopping craze and he’s looking to buy a new cupboard to store all his new clothes.

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