What Bowling Teachers Will Never Teach You

What Bowling Teachers Will Never Teach You

The Sales Ninja Team had a team building session on 10 May 2013 where the team played bowling! The Sales Ninja Team were split up into 3 groups of 2. On top of that, there was a prize for the winning group!

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The Sales Ninja Team

Wanting to win the competition, every group got excited and were frequently comparing scores with the other group’s scores. Everyone realized that, in order to win, we had to

  1. Make sure we have a strike (all pins fall at the first throw)
  2. If you did not get a strike, aim for a spare (all pins fall at the second throw)
  3. Make sure their group score is higher than the other groups
  4. Aim to drop the most pins at every throw

These are basic and obvious strategies that every group need to follow to ensure that they win.

As the game continues, each one were landing strikes and spares quite frequently. All of us are not regular bowlers and have not played in years but were able to performed reasonably well. We all tried hard to get strikes!

The one thing that all bowlers aim for each time they throw the ball? A strike!

Sales Training Malaysia

Grandmaster Hanzo throwing with style

For those who have played bowling before, have you realized that each time you bowl, you too try your best to get a strike? Even for beginners, you will DEFINATELY want to get a strike! And if you did not get the strike, you would

  1. change your posture at the next throw
  2. change to another suitable ball, lighter or heavier
  3. aim more to the left, right or centre
  4. dry your fingers
  5. try to aim better the next round
  6. rest your wrist and recharge yourself to get more energy

Here is a question for you

Likewise in sales, do you aim for a sales strike? Why is it easier to aim for a strike in a bowling game but not in a sales strike?

Most of the sales people make the mistake of not having a goal. They may have sales target, but not a goal. A goal is personal and anyone who has a goal will work hard to reach that goal. It is because they believe that they can reach the goal and that is why they set it. In bowling, every bowler has a goal to land a strike at every throw. Why? because they know they can do it! And even if they did not get it, they make changes and aim for it again.

The challenge for all sales people

Here is what you need to do ( and don’t delay)

  1. Set an achievable goal
  2. Improve your sales technique. (See Sales Ninja’s methods)
  3. Be in a healthy competitive mode. Competition is good. Aim to be number 1 every time
  4. If you do not close the sale, change your methods and try again
  5. Fully understand your product knowledge
  6. Believe that you can do it.
  7. Objections are sure to come. Be prepared and know how to counter objections

Just like bowling,  even if you miss the first, second or third time, by making small changes, the results can be great. The same thing can be applied to your sales

Go for it and make the change! Transform your sales performance!



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