Veteran Sales Rep ARGUES With Sales Trainer – Who Won?

I’m in my office today. Someone rang my door so i went out and see who is it. It’s a directory sales woman in her forties. I opened my door and see what she has for me. She wants to give me a free directory, which i told her, “do you have a digital version?” She replied i can go to their website and download it, alright cool, i’ll do just that. She then asked me a qualifying question, not a very good one, but at least she tried, “do you want to advertise?” I replied…

Me: What’s the purpose of advertising?
She: Well, for people who do not know who you are, you get to reach this people. (this answer is good)
Me: Ok, but i think the directory won’t reach the people i want to reach.
She then launched into a mini pitch about how many thousands use their directory, bla bla…
Me: The new way to reach people is online, you see, i didn’t even want your directory even though it’s free.
She: Alright, we also have an online advertisements you can do. Millions visit bla bla…
Me: I’m currently not keen though but thanks for visiting me today.
She walks out.

I almost gave her a free sales training lesson. But i was busy preparing for my training tomorrow, i just let it be. Hope she reads this post to learn something. Here are some quick lessons:

>> I let her in my door, very seldom people are friendly (except for me =) when you walk door to door. She never build any rapport what so ever. All she is interested in 1: get rid of the heavy directories she is holding 2: try to promote her advertisements to me. Sales Ninjas will build rapport first. Just use common sense, you walk into someone’s office uninvited with no prior conversation or schedule and you expect to sell them on the spot? Be real!

>> She cares more about selling her stuff, which is what i call a Seller Focused Mindset. Talking how good her product is is about the Seller. She need to switch to a Buyer Focused Mindset. How?

>> Ask great questions. Questioning skill, or some call probing or interviewing or needs analysis skill is a skill that all sales people must be great at but apparently pretty weak in.

What sort of business are you in? I see you have some books and cds there (i have a display right in front of my office), what are they? Who are your clients? I asked because as a directory sales person, i see a lot of clients and they may need your sales training. Why don’t we keep in touch? Can i have your business card so i can refer to you anyone who is looking for training. (you give before you take).

You seem to be very successful (compliments and praise boost egos!), how do you plan to grow your business further? (Boom! this is a lead in to sell her advertisement to reinforce my strategies and plan – but of course she never cared to asked). I will then tell her, well i plan to A, B and C, which she should then come back, sounds great, it seems you know what you want to accomplish already, i have something that may be able to help you achieve some of your plans, i work by planning too, how about we schedule a time some time next week so i can come see you and understand more of what your business goals are and see if i am able to help you out. How does that sound?

If she uses the Sales Ninja approach, i will grant her a meet up on the spot! I only deal with professionals, not amateurs. And i’m sure i’m not the only one out there expecting the best.

>> Never argue or try to persuade or convince. When i said, this directory won’t reach the people i reach. She went into the ‘i also have an online version’ mode. Terrible. She should have clarified with me, “What makes you think so?” or “What have been your experience with our directory?” or “Which method do you prefer then?” If i say, i prefer online strategies. The most likely response from MOST sales people when they hear a need will be = Well, we also have online, bla bla.. Yuck! Sales Ninjas would go, why online? Is it ok you share with me some of what your online strategies are? Sales Ninjas always get information not just give information.

>> Never bother to get contact. Maybe i don’t have a need right now. How about 3 months from now? 6 months? 1 year from now? Sales people must understand they need to get in front of the buyers when buyers are ready to buy and not just when you want to sell. Buyer needs will be created by events or situations or great questioning techniques of a sales person. How is she going to sell me if she doesn’t even have my email or phone number? She thinks i don’t have a need (or rather she didn’t identify it), so don’t bother keeping in touch with this chap. Can i suggest it takes multiple contacts before a buyer wants to buy anything from the seller? Prospecting is not just about walking into someone’s door and hoping this person wants to buy from you. It’s keep prospecting, keep educating and keep keeping in touch.

Why so many sales people struggle out there? Because they have old sales mindsets and uses ancient sales methods and techniques. This was meant to be a short post but the more i write the more emotional i get. I hate to see sales people struggle. I love selling. I’m very successful at selling. Coming from the bottom of society if i can make it others can make it too! And that’s my goal, i will transform all these sales people into the ultimate sales professional – The Sales Ninjas!

If you need help in this area, Sales Ninja MASTER Training will transform you and train you on how to

  • (M)eet People
  • (A)sk the Right Questions,
  • (S)olutions
  • (T)ackle Objections
  • (E)ncourage To Buy
  • (R)elationship building

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  1. mohd basir ahmad

    i attended the sales ninja master training many years back
    if i’m not mistaken, at the end of the training i was told that we can attend the same training in the future foc as observers.

    does it still stand ?


    • Hi mohd basir ahmad,

      Yes we do offer that where our past MASTER Public Training participants get to attend our future MASTER Public Training as observers FOC. However, I are unable to trace back your payment. If you have proof of payment, kindly send it to me at and you will be entitled to attend our upcoming MASTER Public Training as an observer. Do note that observers will not be provided with meals and workbook. Thanks!

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