Sales Ninja Using Black Magic To Close More Sales?

Sales Ninja Using Black Magic To Close More Sales?


Is this news true?

Sales Ninja Grandmaster, Mr. Hanzo Ng’s schedule has been packed with trainings for different companies. The company conduct at least 20 days of trainings on average per month. Overall, Sales Ninja sales are through the roof even during these tough times.

Other trainers are saying Sales Ninja are using black magic to close more sales as well as transforming weak salespeople into sales performers.

So how does Sales Ninja actually do it?

It’s fairly simple. Sales Ninja uses the most effective systems for different stages of every sales cycle. At Sales Ninja, we know that every step of the sale needs specific skills and approach.

For example, Sales Ninja employees practice and apply a structure called KASM (Knowledge, Activities, Skillset, Mindset). Simply put, KASM is what makes a salesperson. How much knowledge you have reflects on how well you are able to sell your products or services. Activities that you do determine your business (numbers do not lie). Skillset and Mindset are what close the sale.

Of course, this structure, among many other practical and applicable systems, is broken down and explained in details in the Sales Ninja ‘MASTER‘ program – a comprehensive program that covers everything from rapport building to handling objections systematically. The module also teaches participants persuasion skills with proven case studies and backed up datas, as oppose to the more conventional approach of FAB (Feature Advantage Benefit).

(click HERE to download Sales Ninja MASTER Program in PDF form)

The program is great for all sales professionals but it does work best for the ones who needs to be exposed to all areas of selling such as the newcomers in sales. Seniors and Managers who look to close the gap of their sales knowledge either for personal or team growth are also encouraged to attend. This is in fact Sales Ninja’s top selling training program to date.

Another reason why Sales Ninja keep achieving sales targets is because of the beliefs of a lot of salespeople in this day and age. You would be shocked to know the kind of work ethics and mindset people have in this line of work. For example, statistics show that 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up… despite data proving that multiple follow ups are required. That is just the tip of the iceberg: not believing they can achieve their targets, complacency, negativity and laziness are other common problems we see in salespeople.

This is precisely why Sales Ninja ‘WARRIOR‘ program was developed. In this program, experiential activities are used to break down the participants’ limiting beliefs, build up their confidence and transform them into sales Warriors! After going through this signature program of the company, your sales team will never think anything is impossible to achieve ever again. And to be frank, this is the program that hooks Sales Ninja clients to sign up for other sales programs that the company offers. You can have a taste of the program with this FREE PDF download.

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