Unavoidable Risks of Malaysian Businesses in 2015 – Part 1/2

Unavoidable Risks of Malaysian Businesses in 2015 – Part 1/2

The implementation of GST is unavoidable. With this new implementation, the rising cost of raw materials, expenses and petrol are bound to happen. With higher costs involved in running a business, how does an SME compete with large companies with huge funds and budget that may not be greatly impacted by changes in the system?

The solution is obviously good business strategies like cost-cutting, managing headcount and monitoring expenses. But, there is something that most businesses may fail to address which will definitely affect their survival…People Development.

Employees are your asset. Especially for sales people, they bring money in.

As simple as it may seem, without sales coming in, any business will die. Sales people who do not perform will not only increase company’s expenses but will negatively affect the other sales people too.

Here is what you need to evaluate on your Sales People:

Are Your Sales People Mentally Negative?

You know that when your Sales People start complaining and murmuring about the company’s sales target, bosses and their job; they have a negative mindset.

This not only affects their performance but people like these have the tendency to influence others to have the same mindset too.

Are Your Sales People Giving 100%?

There are many sales people who are talented in closing sales but unfortunately, some suffer from complacency. They think that average results is good enough for them. They refuse to do more because it means more effort and pain.

If your sales people is able to give 100%, they’ll get more commission (good for them) and the company gets more profits ( good for company). It’s a Win-Win.

De-motivated sales people will tend to complain, refuse to give 100%, fearful, giving excuses, running away from challenges and blame others for their failure.

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Are Your Sales People Able To Close Sales?

Skills play an important part in sales closure too. It’s crucial for your sales people to familiarize with the sales cycle so that deals can be closed faster.

There are many sales people who’ve we trained that are unable to handle objections customers throw at them or unable to hold the price when buyers are banging for discounts. This leaves those sales people at a disadvantage.

So invest time to train your sales people in the sales cycle so that they can sell confidently and skillfully.

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With the upcoming business issues that will hit every SMEs next year, its best to start planning your business strategies and at the same time invest in building your people. Good sales people will give you good results, but Great sales people will give you Outstanding results.

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