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Visited the hotel to check on the room earlier. When leaving, they gave us some gifts… Followed by the bill. Well executed I have to say.
11:25 AM Oct 22nd via Duo for iPhone

Survivor lesson: quitting is an easy out. You know what you signed up for. Can’t take the rain? Come on: suck it up!
10:53 PM Oct 21st via Duo for iPhone

Deal done this morning! Entire banks’ sales force will go through sales ninja warrior 2d1n training. Let the possibilities begin…
10:58 PM Oct 20th via Duo for iPhone

Was asked ‘why am I so motivated?’ Ans: motivation = motive for action. You want motivation? Find a strong reason, a why, a motive.
3:18 PM Oct 17th via Duo for iPhone

Told some sales mgrs at recent sales management training: “don’t promote your good sales people; sometimes they end up bad sales managers.”
11:23 PM Oct 14th via Duo for iPhone

Mgr said to me “i don’t know if I can get the right candidate.” I said “if you have a can-ness mindset; you’ll find the right can-didates.”
7:51 PM Oct 12th via Duo for iPhone

Doing Shogun, Sales Management training Oct 12-13 at grand dorsett Subang. Secrets of building a team of sales ninjas and growing sales.
5:07 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

During training y’day, was asked how I remember all my content. Ans: practice. Mastery is doing the same thing repeatedly consistently.
1:19 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

Was a great motivation session y’day. Pushed and challenged them to achieve more. Looking forward to align the project team as well.
1:13 PM Oct 11th via Duo for iPhone

Just finished 5 days of consecutive training. Currently preparing for a motivation training tomorrow. Need more energy drink. 🙂
4:07 PM Oct 9th via Duo for iPhone

Doing sales ninja master from oct 6-8 at grand dorsett Subang. Tmr will train them asking questions and selling benefits.
11:11 PM Oct 6th via Duo for iPhone

Coachee rewarded her niece for passing her grades with a mountain bike. ATN: everyone! Please stop rewarding mediocre results!
5:58 PM Oct 5th via Duo for iPhone

15 sales and motivation training days marathon awaits in Oct. Starts Oct 1. Hajime!!!
12:26 AM Oct 1st via Duo for iPhone

Prospect asked me “how come you charge so high?” I replied “why don’t you ask others why they charge so low”. Another winning deal for me.
10:14 PM Sep 28th via Duo for iPhone

On d way back training some retailers. Saw lady walking 2 of her dogs. Both of them 1 2 go their own way. Leaders must align their people.
9:03 PM Sep 26th via Duo for iPhone

Lesson from survivor: “fatigue makes us coward. It makes you want to quit.” Sales require lots of energy, so persist and you shall succeed!
1:21 PM Sep 25th via Duo for iPhone

Wife is reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. Lots if examples how irrational humans are. Isn’t that what make us human vs animals?
12:57 AM Sep 21st via Twitter for iPhone

Speaking at youth entrepreneur summit 2010 tomorrow.
1:28 AM Aug 7th via Twitter for iPhone

Upsell strategy of an Italian restaurant >
8:55 PM Jun 14th via LinkedIn

Preparing to Sales Ninja-ize 1300 Prudential agents tomorrow at Sunway convention. Love big crowds!
8:11 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone



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