Trusting Toyota’s Trustworthiness!

Toyota became the no 1 car maker of the world because they were known for good quality products. Quality that people can trust. But then they had to recall their cars because of accelerator pedal issues, a very serious issue for Toyota that damaged their sales, brand and more important the Trust of their customers and potential customers. Trust is the 9th code of the Sales Ninja. When you have good quality products, we tell people about it because as consumers we want to brag about our wise choice to go with the brand we chose.

In our trainings we talk about Trust takes time to build – but can be gone in an instant. In this case for Toyota, people’s trust with their ‘quality’ products is gone so fast because of the accelerator issues. It’s going to be a tough ride for them because it takes A LOT of time to rebuild the trust again. Bottomline is this, as a seller, you put so much time and effort into building trust, don’t screw it up by breaking the trust by not delivering your promises, hyping the facts or what not. Be consistent Be competent.

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