Top 8 Traits A Top Sales Person Always Have

A sales person is the front liner of a company or business. Most of the time, a sales person is either out for appointments or making phone calls to set future appointments. The main requirement of a sales person is to close sales and hit their sales target.

Although this might sound pretty straight forward, sales is not a easy task! Ask any sales person and they will reveal that hitting targets is not a walk in the park. Buyers are not instantly willing to give you money for your products.  Why? Because they may not trust you, they have existing suppliers, they don’t like your products and many other unheard of reasons to reject you.

There are probably hundreds of sales people in your industry competing for the same product and the same buyers. So, why would buyers want to choose you over the others? Having the cheapest price may be a factor, but in the long run you will lose profit and probably end up selling at cost price. That’s unfavorable to you.

Here are the Top 10 Traits A Sales Person Must Have

1.Study Clients First. Recently, the Sales Ninja office received a call from someone asking to speak to our training department. When we probed more over the phone, we found out that he wanted so sell us training and he had no idea that we were a training provider also. The mistake was, he should have done his research first. Before you call any company, make sure you read the nature of their business first so you can provide the best solution for that company.

2.Be Motivated.  Sales people get rejected more than the clothes that are sent to the Reject Shop. It is natural that sales people get demotivated from all the rejections they get from clients. Being demotivated will affect your next cold call and appointment because clients can detect your energy level and won’t like it. Make every call and appointment your best although you do not feel like it. If you think you are affected in this area, click here.

3.Know The Sales Cycle. Most sales people make the mistake here. When they meet the client, they make small talk, take them out for lunch and then start promoting their products. While this is the norm of most sales people, Sales Ninja does it differently. We use our Sales Ninja MASTER system.

4.Look Presentable.  Do you agree that the first impression plays an important role? This means that when you client sees you, they should see someone presentable. A client will trust a sales person who wears a formal attire easier rather than a sales person wearing T-shirt and jeans.

5.Never Stop Prospecting And Follow up. This is one of the most important duty of a sales person to generate sales. Don’t make the mistake of hoping that buyers will come to you. Unless you are a giant company, you can’t afford to do that. For most businesses, you have to keep on cold calling. But, do not forget about follow up! Sales Ninja is known for unconventional, aggressive and effective prospecting. Here’s how we do it  

6.Be Different. Like mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of other sales people who are doing what you are doing. Learn to stand out, be different and make an impact to your buyer. Don’t depend on your products to make you stand out as it is just a matter of time when you competitor starts sells the same thing. Be different by giving good follow ups, fast responses, solve their problems instead of hard selling and there are many other ways available.

7.Never Engage In Price War. A price war is when sellers start negotiating with price to close the sale. When you meet buyers who wants to start a price war, use the PPSS method. What is the PPSS method? Here’s where we train PPSS.

8.Be A Sales Ninja. Sales people who graduate from our training will be recognized as Sales Ninjas. When our methods are used correctly, sales will be closed with less effort. This is because Sales Ninjas use psychological and unconventional methods in sales which makes all our Sales Ninja perform outstandingly in the market.


These are some important traits a sales person must have to be the best sales person. Some can be done instantly like improving your appearance, studying your clients, cold calling and follow ups. These are instantly do-able ways to be the top sales person. However, some of the other methods require coaching and training as you need to be taught the proper and practical techniques.

Sales Ninja is a specialist in sales training and if you want to be different, Sales Ninja is the best solution for you.

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