Top 13 Lessons Learnt From Losing A Badminton Game

Top 13 Lessons Learnt From Losing A Badminton Game

It was a Sunday afternoon and Grandmaster Hanzo had a friendly badminton competition against Chong Wen Badminton Club members.

hanzo badminton

Grandmaster lost.And so did his other teammates.

Although lost, here are some lessons that can be learnt from this.

Top 13 Lessons Learnt From Losing A Badminton Game

Mindset to win not play for fun

If you plan on winning, this mindset is important. Without giving yourself a goal, you will not work hard for it. If you play for fun, you will not get any outcome. In sales, you need to want to be the best.

Putting in 100%

This is something that you have heard many times before. But, the problem is, not many people are doing it. Most sales people do not give 100% in sales which is why they have problem hitting their sales target.

No excuses

Losing is losing. Do not blame it on bad shoes, bad product or bad luck.  When you lose, accept defeat but don’t stay down. Learn from your mistakes and get up.

Learn from experience

Experiences make you stronger… only if you learn from it. Think back, analyze and change your strategy. In sales, when the same approach you have been using is not working anymore, maybe it is time to analyze and change your methods.

Don’t be immune to losing

When someone keeps on losing, he can become immune to it. That’s bad!

You should hate losing and don’t want to lose anymore. The best performers out there hate losing. You should too.


In badminton, playing in a pair can be frustrating when there is a communication breakdown. Without proper communication, you miss opportunities to score points and even  miss hitting the shuttlecock. In sales, it is the same. When communication is not done effectively between sales people or operations to sales team, prospects are lost to competitors because no proper follow up is done.

Maintain energy

Grandmaster’s badminton partner was practically panting his lungs out in the third round. Yes, it may be hard to maintain the energy and motivation in sales. But without energy and motivation, you will constantly be overtaken by ruthless competitors.

Frequency. It is not a 100m dash

Sales is a marathon. It is continuous and you need stamina to complete it the long term goal. Keeping in pace and maintaining energy throughout the race is important for you to reach your goal.

Don’t be scared of competition

There are definitely other people who are better than you. But, you should not surrender easily. Aim to beat them and aim to be better than you were before. Even if you go down, go down with a fight.

Improve skills

Skills is sometime a factor when you lose. Maybe it is is time to brush up your sales skills. Learn new prospecting, selling, tackling objections, negotiations and closing skills. More about sales skills here

See opportunities and go for the kill

In badminton when you spot an opportunity, it is time for a smash! That’s when opponents do not expect it and you score a point. In sales, when there is an opportunity or a need from a prospect, go for it!

Push and motivate your partner

When your team member is demotivated, you need to push them. Get them pumped up and keep the team motivated. That’s what Unity is all about. Here’s how Sales Ninja maintain UNITY

Celebrate success

Small successes should be celebrate. Shout, dance or even sing when you score a point. Let you body enjoy that sensation of success so that you want more of it! Every sale closed is a success. Celebrate it.

How To Be Motivated?

De-motivation kills. It kills the sales person and kills the company. People get demotivated because of lack of confidence, barriers in the mind, negative attitude, losing constantly, childhood issues and many other reasons.

A warrior must fight through this negative feeling, overcome it and break the negative mindset so that he or she can be the best! It is not easy but with the right coaching, it is achievable.

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