To Change Or Not To Change?

To Change Or Not To Change?

This is a true story of Grandmaster Hanzo with this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

In order to manage the customer database, Grandmaster Hanzo has been using the Outlook CRM software, while his Sales Ninja staff have been using the Zoho CRM software. Prior to this, Sales Ninja has purchased the Zoho CRM Softare but the Grandmaster did not migrate from OutLook CRM to Zoho CRM because he has been comfortably using the Outlook CRM for many years.

Recently, about 2 weeks back, customers’ database keep mysteriously disappearing from Grandmaster’s Outlook CRM. The database would suddenly go missing and it was such a hassle getting them back. This happened a few times.Getting frustrated, he decided that it was time to switch to the Zoho CRM and migrate over.

And so he did.

Using the ‘new’ Zoho CRM he realized that it was so much better and has more functions than his previous Outlook CRM!

Lessons The Grandmaster Learnt From This

Comfort Zone. Staying in a comfort zone will not benefit you in the long run. Things may seem fine and you are able to deal with those minor issues that you are facing now in that zone. But, out there are many possibilities that you are missing out, staying in that comfort zone for a long time will not make you a better person and you will not improve! Migrating from Outlook CRM to Zoho CRM was a good choice for the Grandmaster and he wished that he had done it earlier. Don’t look back and regret.

Change Before You Have To. Most people change only when they face problems. When they are comfortable, they do not want to change. If you think you have to change, do it now and don’t procrastinate.  The longer you delay, the more pain you will feel from the change. So change today.

Improvement. Are you doing anything to improve? People grow by learning new things and learning from mistakes. Don’t let failures stop you from being a better person.

Here Is What Sales Ninja Can Do For You

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