This Sushi Was Made Without Gloves. Would You Eat It?

This Sushi Was Made Without Gloves. Would You Eat It?

I saw this employee preparing sushi without wearing gloves. Would you eat this?

He saw me looking at him and yet he continued making another one with his bare hands. I was shopping in Sunway Pyramid and I’m glad I didn’t eat here.

If you find it disgusting, this will shock you when your sales people ‘prepare sushi without gloves’ too.

1. Gloves are missing – who cares?

The employee (let’s call him Steve) might have wore his gloves every other day but it was just so happen that it went missing that day. But who cares if it is missing? I can still perform my job.

Sales people with this mentality will not change even if they are using the wrong sales methods like using the wrong pitch, wrong objection handling and wrong negotiation techniques. They know it’s wrong but since they can still keep their job, no point changing.

 2. Gloves are a nuisance

Steve might hate wearing gloves because it feels uncomfortable and it is not nice wearing them! In sales, prospecting activities like following up and cold calling aren’t very pleasurable either but it is necessary for sales people to do them in order to get more sales in.

To avoid this, most sales people chose to wait for customers to miraculously come to them. That’s wrong, sales people should go out and prospect every day. You can make prospecting more enjoyable and effective with the Sales Ninja HUNTER training. Click here for more details.

3. Veteran syndrome

Steve has probably worked there for 10 years. I know best so why should I listen to you? Most experienced sales people has this mental barrier that they know best and refuse to learn new skills. Every sales person should constantly learn new skills whether it is sales skills, people skills or product knowledge.

4. So what, no one is hurt yet

Most people are stuck in their comfort zone. In Steve’s case, probably no one has lodged a complain or got food poisoning yet, so why wear gloves?

Waiting for something bad to happen before deciding to change might be be too late. What if a wrong technical proposal was given because the sales person decides not to improve on his product knowledge? What if the negotiation ended with customers getting a 70% discount from you because your sales person wasn’t trained to negotiate?

It’s best to always be prepared. If you want to be the best, change first before you have to.

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