There Is A Misleading Report Going Around Recently. People Should Know The Truth About Sales Professionals

There are so much of wrong information circulating about sales professionals. While some might sound funny, some are damaging. Sales professionals are at the front lines and they are essential in producing revenue for the company. Not all sales professional are perfect so whenever mistakes are made, the sales closure gets harder and harder.

How should a sales professional be? Here, outstanding sales professionals are given the title called Sales Ninjas.

9 Obvious Traits about Sales Ninjas Which Ordinary Sales People Do Not Have

1. Ordinary sales people tend to get scared and start procrastinating when required to call a Datuk, MD or CEO. Sales Ninjas are properly trained to realize that these are just barriers in the mind and overcome the fear. They can now  to prospect with anyone from executives to ‘big-shots.

2. Ordinary sales people get their cold calls ended abruptly because they use the same boring script. Sales Ninjas are trained to seduce people over the phone to get to their target.

3. Ordinary sales people tend to give empty promises and fail to follow up leaving customers furious. Sales Ninjas are trained to use an effective follow up system that can successfully close sales frequently.

4. Ordinary sales people give discounts after discounts to close sales. Sales Ninjas are trained to avoid price wars. Discounts will diminish profits and Sales Ninjas has successfully closed sales without giving in to discounts. Find out how we avoid price wars here

5. Ordinary sales people get scared when buyers slam table and demand for discount. Sales Ninjas get slammed as well many times, but they are trained to turn situations like this into a sale.

6. Ordinary sales people get angry when buyers give hundreds of objections. Objections will definitely come but Sales Ninja use effective objection handling techniques like AHA to handle tough questions. Find out about AHA technique here

7. Ordinary sales people think that management is crazy for giving them such impossible sales target and start behaving negatively. Sales Ninjas also get high sales targets but they have gone through the extreme Sales Ninja WARRIOR training that pushed them to their limits. This has successfully resulted in a mindset transformation to “I am a WARRIOR! I can a do it! I will achieve it!” More about Sales Ninja WARRIOR here

8. Ordinary sales people do not work well with the operations team. They feel that it’s every man for himself. Sales Ninja believes in unity among co-workers and to unite in defeating the competitors out there. They defeat competitors with this

9. Ordinary sales people get scared to approach strangers during networking sessions. They stick with people they know, forfeiting the ultimate reason of networking – to get new leads. Sales Ninjas are trained to infiltrate strangers in groups of 3 and more to network and get new leads. Sales Ninjas prospect using the HUNTER technique


Differentiate yourself. Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? Extraordinary sales people do not want to have average performance. They always look to be number 1. The rewards are huge and the satisfaction of going big will drive you for bigger sales.

Sales Ninja uses unconventional sales techniques where we train sales people to differentiate themselves from the rest. We have trained thousands of sales professionals with our ninja techniques and have successfully turn around struggling companies. The results are just mind blowing!

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