The World Of Customization!

“Based on your previous purchase, these are some of the products we also recommend: ” If you bought something online, i’m sure you have received one of these emails from the online retailer. I see the trend where the sellers are customizing their approach to the buyer because buyers like to buy but don’t like to be sold. Imagine you walk into your favourite restaurant and their manager comes to you and say “the usual starter Mr. Hanzo?” And then i orders the steak, the manager says, “medium rare Mr. Hanzo?”. Totally customized. How about the drinks? Some people like their drinks to be sweeter. Some like their food to be spicier. Some like their food to be saltier. Customization!

How would you like to own a special pair of Nike or Adidas that is customized to your preference? Pretty cool isn’t it? Chevrolet announced that they will be releasing the 2010 Camaro Transformer special edition. Amazing to own the BUMBLEBEE yes? While the new Camaro will have lots of great features, transforming the car into a robot is a feature that isn’t included – yet =)

Google adwords is getting good response because the ads are targeted to the people who searches those keywords. Facebook ads as well. I think the engines will get so smart they can scan through our preferences and recommend us suitable products. Say in your blog you always comment about being stressful, suddenly you see a vacation ad or a massage ad or a book on releasing stress. Powerful customization!

The key to customization is understanding your buyers – prospects or customers. As a seller, you can go in find out what your prospect want, and then give it to them. You can build a case based on their issues and challenges, and then go in and propose the idea to them, that’s customization too! The last thing a seller want to do is go to their buyers and tell them the same thing that is told to every other buyer. Sellers must customize their approach, their presentations, their style to match the buyers! With the world moving towards customization, can you afford not to customize?

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